Introduction to Java for K12 Educators

Hosted by: Elise Deitrick, PhD

Monday, July 18 - Friday, July 22, 2022
2-4 PM ET | 11 AM-1 PM PT

This course is for educators who teach Java—offering a balance of background technical information with best teaching practices. This PD opportunity offers a chance to work through Java lessons modeling a variety of evidence-based pedagogy and get resources on how to adopt the practices that fit your classroom context.

Additionally, during this PD we discuss the nuances of programming with Java, selecting topics where common student misconceptions occur (as identified by research literature) to empower teachers to better address these predictable stumbling blocks in student learning.

This Professional Development will feature and demonstrate:

  • Codio’s AP CS A sequenced Java curriculum with auto-graders to offer you instant feedback on your code
  • Technical explanations that go beyond the curriculum to help build technical knowledge
  • Introduction and modeling of a variety of evidence-based CS pedagogy

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Topics to be Covered

  • Primitive Types
  • Using Objects
  • Boolean expressions and if Statements
  • Iteration
  • Writing Classes
  • Array
  • ArrayList
  • 2D Array
  • Inheritance
  • Recursion
  • Variables and Assignment
  • Booleans and Control Flow
  • Functions, Arguments, and Return Values
  • Collections, Objects, and Classes
  • Flipped Classroom
  • Interactive E-Books
  • Live Coding (even on recorded video)
  • Peer Instruction
  • Pair Programming
  • Peer Review
  • Parsons Problems
  • Code Visualizer
  • Test-Driven Development


Due to the remote nature of this Professional Development course, the format blends synchronous and asynchronous activities. Every day will have a synchronous portion scheduled for an hour. The rest of the work will happen asynchronously on Codio’s interactive platform -- offering instant feedback and a wide variety of tools (many of which are open source or have open source equivalents you can use for free in your classroom).

The synchronous portion each day will start with an introduction of the topics, with a deep dive into any related student misconceptions, and move into a more open discussion about the pedagogy modeled in the content with space for veteran CS teachers to share their best practices. The synchronous portion will conclude by answering questions asked by teachers asynchronously the previous day.

During the asynchronous work, participants will work through Java content on the Codio platform (sequenced based on the AP CS A curriculum guidelines). Codio offers instant feedback so you don’t have to wait to know if you understood the concepts for that day. These asynchronous lessons will also offer models of how to implement evidence-based pedagogy and include teacher annotations discussing why the content was constructed that way (e.g. less text for ELL students, images or visualizations to address misconceptions, explorations to normalize seeing compilation error messages).

Office hours will be open for 2 hours each day for teachers who have very specific questions such as applying pedagogy to their class or would like extra support about technical topics.

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