A Flexible and Accessible Platform for Teaching & Learning Computer Science

Easy to onboard and use with minimal disruption, Codio reduces admin time, scales with demand, and streamlines learning.

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Online IDE For Education

Codio is perfect for learners of all levels—from complete beginners to postgraduate students. Codio includes a fully-featured IDE for all students that includes debugger tools, dyslexic font capabilities, and more.

For use in both CS majors and broader STEM courses, Codio is accessible anywhere—in the classroom, at home, for an online course or a large-scale MOOC. Save time with an online IDE to teach Java, Python, C++, C, and more.

Infrastructure As A Service

Codio provides all the infrastructure you need to get started—no more late nights in the IT lab setting-up at the last minute. Built with a unique containerized server infrastructure—Codio makes it affordable and easy to scale with demand. Unlimited Ubuntu servers in the cloud for everyone!

Auto-Graded Assessments

Create auto-graded assessments for your courses or choose from our comprehensive library of editable, auto-graded assessments. Less hassle for you, and your students get instant feedback. Perfect for flipped-learning!

Code Plagiarism Detection & Academic Integrity Tools

Codio's class monitoring and plagiarism detection tools allow you to check for code copying and potential cases of cheating between members of a class. With a click of a button, Codio will compare the code projects of all students within a class for a specific teaching unit.

Project Templates

Codio's templates deliver fully pre-configured servers in less than 5 seconds, no matter how complex the configuration. Codio comes with a number of stacks pre-loaded. Stacks are simply Codio boxes with installed and fully-configured software components. Simply take a snapshot of the box contents to save it as a stack. One click, and it’s ready for your students to use. Our templated approach makes Codio easy to use, configure, and adapt.

Content and Curriculum Authoring

Create your own course content by uploading class notes or creating interactive content directly within the IDE. Create anything from simple assignments and assessments to fully-fledged books with our built-in resource library.

Integrate with your Existing LMS

Codio seamlessly integrates with your institution’s existing learning management system—saving you time and hassle.

Codio supports Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas and any other LTI-compliant system.

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