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Your students will love learning in Codio

Students often feel intimidated by technology that was not designed to support computer science. This is doubly true for novice students.

Codio is different—our course resources and platform are designed to meet students where they are, whether they're beginners, advanced programmers, or anywhere in between.

Codio's "hands-on" course resources are approachable, rich in feedback, and lead to higher student engagement and performance.

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Editable Interactive E-Book Resources

Codio offers editable, interactive course materials optimized for our interactive platform. It leverages our ability to present a code editor and content side-by-side for a hands-on learning environment. The content provided includes courses in Java, Python, and C++ and ranges from instructional material with formative assessments to auto-graded programming exercises. Instructors can easily add Codio content into their course as well as edit or mix-and-match the material to best fit their needs.

Designed for Engagement + Exploration

Codio’s computer science content goes beyond the traditional textbook and puts emphasis on students exploring the information presented. Student engagement improves because students are actively participating in their learning. Instead of reading long paragraphs, students are asked to read very short prose full of images and opportunities to write, modify, and run code.

Auto-graded Assessments: Instant Student feedback

There are a wide variety of questions in our computer science content—all of which are auto-graded, giving students a sense of their understanding of the material right after they are introduced to it, before they attempt harder problems. 

Our resources can be supplemented with editable, auto-graded assessments from our  Assessments Library. The library can be filtered by programming language, assessment type, topic, learning objective, and Bloom's taxonomy level. Or, you can create your own!

Synchronous & Asynchronous Student Feedback

Auto-graded assessments provide students with instant rich feedback. Students not only know instantly whether or not a solution was correct, but an explanation to help them learn going forward.

With Cursor Presence you can code alongside your students to ensure they understand course material and concepts. Cursor Presence allows students to identify your cursor as a point of reference in the code.

If you work through student code asynchronously, leave a comment for students on top of the code editor so they can easily identify it when they return to work. In-line code comments enable you to collaborate with your students in real-time or on your own time, and they can respond or resolve your comments.

Learning insights

Go beyond grades and into student-level insights such as time spent, attempts made on assessments, and when they chose to do their work. Zoom out to look across all students for an assignment, module or course to  easily identify students who need more support comprehending course material, or those who complete work quickly and need more of a challenge.

Support from Codio

Codio provides ample support to help you get the most out of our platform. From demo videos to how-to docs, we’ve got answers to your questions. All users, instructors and students, have access to our in-platform support chat. If you have an issue, we’ll work with you to find the solution.

Successful online course delivery and management

John Hall
Vice President of Program Delivery, eCornell

"Codio's partnership approach has enabled us to be far more successful than we otherwise would have been with our online course delivery and management."

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