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Easily deploy browser-based programming environments for any language with zero compatibility issues—all from your web browser!


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Cloud-based Programming Labs

Slash computer lab costs and barriers to entry with cloud-based labs accessible from the classroom or from home on any device—even tablets and Chromebooks.

Spin up an unlimited number of fully-fledged Ubuntu servers in a couple of seconds. You can run Codio in a class, a school, a university, a huge MOOC, a district, or a state.

Browser-Based IDE for Education

With Codio’s cloud IDE, there’s nothing to install or download, and students have everything they need to progress from beginner to advanced levels, including a debugger that runs in the browser. 

Run Jupyter Notebooks, VSCode, RStudio, and more

Need a more specialized environment? Seamlessly assign Jupyter Notebooks with auto-grading tools like nbGrader, distribute RStudio assignments bundled with data sets, or give students practice on popular IDEs like VSCode—all within Codio.

No setup or configuration issues

Gwen Britton
Academic Associate Vice President, Global Campus - STEM and Business Programs at SNHU

Each student, regardless of device and operating system, has a consistently high-quality environment in which to engage with course materials.

The ability to put a cloud platform to use with all our students while simultaneously fixing the setup and configuration issues has been a huge benefit from the outset.

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Install and Teach Anything—Sys Admin Free!

Codio’s gives you command-line access to the Ubuntu box and supports anything that you choose to install and configure from the command line. Codio boxes have sudo level privileges so you and your students can custom configure your environment.

Templated Programming Environments

Configure the environment you need and instantly distribute it to students. You can even template your standard environments and pull them off the shelf when you need them. Users have full sudo-level privileges to their servers. And because everything is running on our servers, you don’t need to worry about security.

Linux and Windows VMs

Codio enables you to run Windows VM and other Virtual Machines in the platform. Each VM runs its own operating system and functions separately from any other VMs running on the same system. Each Virtual Machine functions as a normal computer with its own CPU, memory, network interface, etc.

Virtual Desktop

Even though all Codio servers run in the Cloud, the Codio virtual desktop lets anyone develop GUI-based applications. Whether Swing, JavaFX, tkinter, OpenGL or anything else, they all run beautifully within your browser.

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