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Maximize the ROI from tech skills assessment & training programs

Technical skills assessment and employee upskilling solutions from the leader in Computer Science Education.


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33% of hiring managers say they need better technical skills assessments

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64% of managers don't think employees can keep pace with future skill needs

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24% higher profit margins for companies with comprehensive upskilling programs


Hands-on Technical Skills Assessments

Assess what actually matters. Design auto-graded assessments of all types. Start from scratch or use an existing question from our library of editable assessments.



Complete Assessment Engine

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Beyond just writing code, Codio’s powerful assessment engine enables you to ask candidates to make business and implementation decisions with multiple-choice, focus on problem flow with Parsons problems, review code with short answers, and debug code with code tests.

Robust Auto-Grading Tools


Auto-grade every assessment—including style checkers, test coverage analysis, and unit tests for coding assessments—saving you time and optimizing your hiring workflow. Dig deeper into promising candidates with manual code review and code commenting.

Real-World Projects

Real world projects t2

Need candidates to complete a longer form project?

Easily set up any software configuration with Codio’s existing libraries, databases, and templates for a project-based view of performance


Unparalleled Insight into Candidate Skills

Codio's advanced performance analytics and keystroke autosave functionality offer tech leaders deeper insight into how people actually perform on the job.


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Advanced Performance Insights


Identify skills and talent gaps with ease. See previously inaccessible insight into candidate or employee performance. Compare across peer groups.

Keystroke Behavioral Analysis

Keystroke behavioral analysis

Codio is keystroke autosave enabled, allowing for advanced algorithmic exploration of candidate or employee keystroke behavior.

Code Playback


Review the elapsed build-out of projects and problem-solving exercises at different stages, revealing deeper insight into a candidate’s or employee’s thought process and problem-solving abilities.


Greater ROI from Employee Upskilling

Develop the right skills in the right employees with a problem-specific approach to technical skills training. 


Greater ROI-1

Hands-on Simulation of Role-Specific Problems

Code with guide

Create hands-on problem solving simulations to develop employees’ ability to perform in their roles.

Custom Content Creation


Codio’s unique Guide authoring tools and Ubuntu Linux-based platform allow for custom content creation for practically any programming language, library, framework, or database.

Training Needs Analysis

Training needs analysis

Deeper insight into training needs and a solid foundation on which to scale training programs with mastery-based assessment tools and employee learning insights.


Why Codio?

Codio’s evidence-based skills assessment and upskilling platform gives you unparalleled flexibility and control in identifying and teaching the right technical or programming skills.



Scalable Containerized Platform

 A unique scalable environment for the evaluation and training of tech skills.

Outstanding Support

US, EU, and EMEA support via in-platform live chat during business hours to answer any and all questions.

Unmatched Performance Insight

The Codio platform’s keystroke autosave capabilities provide you with unparalleled insight into how candidates actually perform in a hands-on context of role-specific problems and challenges.

Easy-to-Use & Adopt

Get started quickly with an easy-to-use experience, extensive onboarding assistance, preconfigured software templates, and editable learning resources.

A Team Dedicated To Your Success

A passionate team of developers and computer science professionals who go the extra mile.

Flexible Pricing

Whatever your requirements, goals, or needs, we can find a solution to get you where you need to be.

We're a Trusted Partner

Leaders at companies large and small use Codio to gain deeper insight into tech talent potential and performance. Whether it’s identifying the right talent or upskilling your team, Codio gives you the tools and visibility to build the team to meet your objectives.

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