Interactive Programming Course Resources

Ditch your computing textbook and implement coding course resources for a truly holistic learning experience. Engage your students to generate better learning outcomes.

Programming Course Resources: A Learn by Doing Approach

Codio’s courseware resources emphasize a "Learn by Doing" approach.

Students recieve code samples. However, they also have access to a full-blown IDE for hands-on exploration. Students can count on this support as they learn how to code in a variety of programming languages.

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Instant Formative Feedback

David Croft
Lecturer at Coventry University

“Having the instant formative feedback is really useful. And that's where Codio comes in handy. 

They click 'check it' in Codio and it goes and tests that their code meets the specifications. It sorts correctly, it searches correctly. It has the error handling and features that we are expecting. It doesn't have memory leaks.”

Ready to boost learner outcomes with computer science course resources?

Learn how Codio's native coding course resources help you improve student engagement and performance. That leads to a better learning experience and more positive outcomes.

Fully Customizable Coding Course Resources

Everything in Codio Resources, from the text and code examples to auto-graded assessments, can be customized to suit your teaching context. You can pick and choose which coding resource to incorporate into your plans.

You can even mix and match different resources together and with your own elearning content!

Customizing course materials can improve student learning outcomes. Student performance and retention increase when educators are engaged with course materials. [1]

[1] Open Text Books: Making education more accessible. Retrieved May 14, 2019, from

Better Student Learning Outcomes

Student engagement improves as students actively participate in their learning.

Instead of just reading, students write and run code in a professional IDE. Codio's CS curriculum resources present the material in smaller units that are more manageable for your students.

By using many small programs, students spend a sufficient amount of time on their work. Research shows this learning strategy can increase student performance and reduce stress.

Required Materials for Learning to Code

You know there is no single coding resource that creates consistently positive outcomes for every student.

That said, interactive learning experiences can prove to be especially beneficial. Codio’s interactive coding course resources help to bridge the gap between learning and doing with practical experiences.

What are the Materials Required to Learn Coding?

Instructors play a key role in educating aspiring developers, along with textbooks, practice problems, an IDE and other key resources.

Opportunities to engage in experiential learning are especially valuable. Codio’s coding course resources offer exactly that for your students.

Affordable & Accessible Textbook Alternatives

Traditional textbooks are cumbersome, expensive, and do little to engage students.

Codio Resources are:

  • Affordable
  • Easily accessible (all students need is a Codio account and a web browser)
  • Purposefully designed to improve student engagement.

Plus, there's no per-resource pricing. You can mix and match different online course resources with no restrictions.

Teach your way

Codio provides instructors with unrivaled flexibility and control in leading intro programming courses. That includes:

  • Fully-searchable course texts
  • Interactive examples and practice exercises
  • Challenge-based auto-graded assessments and supplementary practical labs
  • Free-form project workspaces in containerized VMs to take students from theory and concepts to practical mastery

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