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Codio Pricing for Businesses

Codio for Business

Hire, onboard, and upskill the next generation of tech talent.

What's included?

  • The full Codio platform with instructional content, cloud-based IDE, and hands-on tools
  • Complimentary onboarding and exceptional support
  • Access to our team of expert computing education specialists
  • Unlimited VMs in the cloud
  • Online code editor so employees can get up and running quickly

Licenses Explained

Codio is designed for computer science teachers to use in the classroom. It combines an online code editor, curriculum-mapped courses, course publishing tools and the ability to monitor student progress. And because it’s cloud-based, you don’t worry about the administrative hassle of setting up a code environment. As a teacher, you get access to class administration tools to monitor student progress and manage your class within Codio.

Usually when you close a project, its' Box will automatically shut down after a few minutes. An Always-On Box is one that never shuts down, and is therefore always on to be accessed by colleagues or clients.

We will issue you with an invoice that can be paid by bank transfer or credit card.

The account holder is the individual who creates your organization in Codio and is responsible for payment.

An instructor account gives the instructor access to all the learning and class management tools needed, the ability to monitor and track learner progress, and integration capability with leading LMS platforms. Learner accounts provide access to the entire Codio platform and allow submission of code projects directly to the instructor for assessment.

You do — you can save and export your code, or save it to a repository.

Sorry, but to keep costs down we can only offer licenses at a set level of users.

We know there are lots of people that you might need to involve in this decision. And we know jumping through all the bureaucratic hurdles can be a pain. So, we're here to help. We are available to demo to yourself and a group of your colleagues. Or alternatively, you can download our brochure that describes all the Codio product features.

Ready To Get Started?

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