Code Playback for Computing Education

Replay student code, keystroke-by-keystroke, as it was written—even across multiple files.

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Playback student code as it was written

Codio’s Code Playback enables teachers to understand their students’ thought processes by replaying student code creation as it was written from beginning to end.

Codio’s Code Playback feature allows teachers to:

  • See students’ implementation of learned concepts
  • Review student input across multiple files
  • Visualize and identify pastes
  • Determine areas where students encounter difficulties
  • Grade students’ effort
  • Highlight potential cases of plagiarism

Playback code and pastes across multiple files

Codio's Code Playback functionality supports multiple files, illustrating how students navigate between various files during programming.

Code Playback also reveals pasted code. By clicking on a marked paste, it becomes visible on the timeline highlighted in green and appears within the context of the code file in the upper pane. You can navigate the timeline by either playing the player, dragging the timeline itself, or utilizing the zoom buttons.

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