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Strategies for Online Instructional Materials

Less Text and Greater Interactivity Improves Student Engagement and Performance As teachers around the world have been forced to rapidly move their courses online, it’s worth going over some research-backed implementation strategies. Reduce Text Minimizing text to the most critical points while using other representations such as images and tables to express details results in higher lea...

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Free Tools to Effortlessly Implement Parson's Problems

Codio has had Parson’s problems for our users for a while now, but we think that given their benefits of the same learning as writing or fixing code in less time, and their ability to keep students engaged throughout a course, they should be more widely adopted. However, they are not the easiest to implement. So Codio has provided a free, open-source  graphical Parson’s problem creator. ...

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Support for Colleges and Universities Impacted by COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis is a major disruption for educators, so we’d like to offer some assistance to the community. We’re making Codio free and open through August 31 of this year for new educators at colleges and universities who’ve been forced to move their classes online due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. There are many ways we can help you, including: Unrestricted access to our library...

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How Has Computer Science Teaching Changed Recently?

Codio's Director of Curricula discusses the findings from our 2019 Survey of Computer Science Teaching   Elise Deitrick, PhD, Codio's Director of Curricula and Education Programs, shares some of the key findings from our 2019 Survey of Computer Science Teaching. Key Takeaways 72% of teachers were primarily concerned about manual grading. 88% said they want technology with assessment reso...

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