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How to Build Resilience into Your Computer Science Curriculum

Over the past few weeks, the media has been consistently reporting that colleges are moving to “online,” “remote,” or “distance learning.” This is misleading, however. Most teachers have been forced by circumstance to operate in Emergency Remote Teaching mode—or “Pandemic Pedagogy,” as some have taken to calling it.  “Emergency Remote Teaching” and “Online Learning” are two very differen...

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Codio Launches Resiliency in CS Education Campaign

We’re launching our Resiliency in CS Education Campaign to help CS educators develop effective and engaging courses that can be delivered in both traditional and remote learning contexts.  Codio is committed to helping members of the CS education community deliver the best possible learning experience to their students, as well as providing resources and tools to help teachers excel in b...

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10 Reasons to Switch to Codio

1. Higher student satisfaction and engagement Students using Codio are more engaged and exhibit higher levels of satisfaction. Instructors using Codio have reported an average increase in student satisfaction of over 10%. 2. Outstanding customer support Codio provides top-notch customer support and training. Save thousands of dollars in training fees—we train faculty for free. We offer o...

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Strategies for Online Instructional Materials

Less Text and Greater Interactivity Improves Student Engagement and Performance As teachers around the world have been forced to rapidly move their courses online, it’s worth going over some research-backed implementation strategies. Reduce Text Minimizing text to the most critical points while using other representations such as images and tables to express details results in higher lea...

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