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Bring your vision of Computer Science education to life

Raise student grade performance. Boost engagement. Save time.


25percent transparent

Instructors save over 25% of admin time

15 percent transparent

Student performance improves by over 15%

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Student satisfaction increases by over 10%


Achieve Better Learning Outcomes

Student grade performance increases by over 15% when they use Codio.

An ACM research paper found that “the use of Codio has coincided with a steady increase in student performance and satisfaction.”1

Advanced learning analytics give you unparalleled, real-time insight into student behavior.



1Croft, D. and England, M. (2019). Computing with Codio at Coventry University. Proceedings of the 3rd Conference on Computing Education Practice - CEP '19.


An Incredible Platform

An incredible platform...I'm (almost) at a loss for words right now at how smoothly this pivot away from face-to-face teaching is going for my students because of Codio.

Raymond Lang Associate Professor at Xavier University of Louisiana


Drive Greater Student Engagement

When you lack the time and tools needed to provide your students with the learning experience they expect, student engagement and performance suffers.

Students using Codio are more engaged and exhibit higher levels of satisfaction. Instructors using Codio have reported an average increase in student satisfaction of over 10%.

Codio provides instructors with the tools to improve student performance and boost student satisfaction through engaging and interactive learning experiences.


Greg DeLozier

Extremely Useful

Codio is extremely useful as a tool for teaching computer programming courses and great as a professional prototyping and technology exploration tool. I’ve done amazing things. Codio makes it possible for students to experience exactly how they would need to work as they progress into industry.

Greg DeLozier Lecturer at Kent State University


Reduce Student Attrition

It’s no secret that CS programs suffer from disproportionately high levels of student attrition—costing your institution more than $10,000 in student fees per semester.

Traditional methods of instruction can be overly-cumbersome and inaccessible for students.

Codio tackles this problem head-on with a cloud-based learning platform provides students with a seamless and enjoyable learning experience.

As one professor put it, “of all the materials that I’ve used, Codio provided pretty much the best seamless virtual lab environment the students had encountered. And their reaction was overwhelmingly positive.”


Sylvester Mobley

Part of the strategic plan that’s helping us to scale

As we ramped things up, monitoring student projects in Sublime Text became unmanageable. If you have one kid working on a Macintosh, one on a Microsoft device, one on Linux - it becomes unworkable. We found that we needed a platform, so that all the students have the same setup. Codio has been able to give us a way to organise a lot of the technical things we’re doing with the kids. And it’s part of the strategic plan that’s helping us to scale.

Sylvester Mobley Coded By Kids


Enhance Departmental Performance

Stop wasting your time setting up and sharing programming environments, running student code, manually grading, and keeping your courses in sync with your LMS.

Manual grading alone costs CS departments tens of thousands of dollars each year. Codio’s auto-grading feature enables departments to slash grading costs, freeing up funds for higher-value investments.

Furthermore, higher student engagement coupled with lower student attrition reduces budgetary strain and improves the ranking of your institution’s CS program.

Departments using Codio for their CS course delivery are able to slash time spent on mundane administrative and IT tasks by 20% or more, unlocking over $15,000 worth of admin time for each instructor that can be redirected to higher-value tasks.


David Croft Coventry University

Instance Formative Feedback

Having the instant formative feedback is really useful. And that’s where Codio comes in handy. They click ‘check it’ in Codio and it goes and tests that their code meets the specifications. It sorts correctly, it searches correctly. It has the error handling and features that we are expecting. It doesn’t have memory leaks.

David Croft Lecturer at Coventry University


Instructors Recover more than 25% of their Time

You waste countless hours setting up and sharing programming environments, running and compiling student code, manually grading, and keeping your courses in sync with your LMS.

Codio’s auto-grading capabilities allow you to grade your students’ work up to 75% faster and automate up to 90% of grading. Furthermore, you can compile, run, and debug your students’ code without having to unzip it or paste it into your own environment.

Spend more time mentoring and coaching your students, and get your Sundays back!


Gordon Fraser

Get Your Sundays Back

Click on a student's project and five seconds later I can compile, run and debug without having to unzip or copy and paste it into my own environment. The time I save with this feature alone justifies the Codio platform and gives me back my Sundays.

Dr. Gordon Fraser Senior Lecturer at Sheffield University

Cloud Based

Eliminate Headaches with Cloud-Based Infrastructure and Free Support

Start delivering courses in Codio within days of getting started!

Many institutions want to upgrade to a cloud infrastructure and LMS that’s made for CS programs, but are prevented by high costs—both in time and money.

Codio offers a cutting-edge cloud-based platform, accessible from any web browser, at a truly competitive price.

You’ll also save thousands of dollars in training fees—we train faculty for free. We offer free one-on-one and group training to faculty, IT personnel, and your leadership.


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