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Elizabeth Jenaway
Professor of Information Technology, Macomb Community College

The more time a student spends working in Codio, the better they perform on the exams.

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Resources & Success Stories


Pedagogical Practices in the U.S.

Research surrounding various pedagogical practices is ample, but that does not necessarily mean educators adopt these evidence-based approaches. We surveyed over 100 computer science educators to find out why.


3 Ways To Implement Collaborative Coding Practices In Codio

When it comes to collaborative coding, there are several practices you can add to your classroom to improve the student learning experience—from Peer Instruction to Pair and Mob Programming. Students benefit from collaborative coding as it engages students in a way that they enjoy and helps them develop soft skills.

Case Study

SNHU: Using Codio at scale to support CS & STEM programs

Southern New Hampshire University STEM programs comprise 250 courses teaching over 11,000 students with over 4,000 in computer science-related fields. SNHU programs are almost 100% online.


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