Hands-on Technical Upskilling at Scale

Develop the right tech skills in the right employees with a problem-specific approach to technical skills development.


Hands-on Simulation of Role-Specific Problems

Deliver engaging upskilling programs with scenario-based instruction. Create hands-on problem-solving simulations to develop employees’ ability to perform in their roles.

Create Custom Instructional Content

Codio’s unique Guide authoring tools and Ubuntu Linux-based platform allow for custom content creation for practically any programming language, library, framework, or database.

Learning Gaps Analysis

Identify skills and talent gaps with ease. Compare across peer groups, and identify which team members need upskilling and which are able to take on more challenging tasks.

Advanced Performance Insights

Get a deeper insight into learning needs and a solid foundation on which to scale upskilling programs with mastery-based assessment tools and employee learning insights.

Keystroke Behavioral Analysis

Codio is keystroke autosave enabled, allowing for advanced algorithmic exploration of candidate or employee keystroke behavior.

Code Playback

Review the elapsed build-out of projects and problem-solving exercises at different stages, revealing deeper insight into a candidate’s or employee’s thought process and problem-solving abilities.

John Hall
Vice President of Program Delivery, eCornell

"Codio's partnership approach has enabled us to be far more successful than we otherwise would have been with our online course delivery and management."

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