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Codio's AP® CS A

Already comfortable with AP® CS A? Our curriculum follows the pacing and sequencing of the AP® CS A Curriculum framework and is based on our interactive Introduction to CS content used by hundreds of college students a year.

Codio's native resource encourages students to construct knowledge through coding instead of more passive instructional methods. A code editor accompanies each page so students can see how the computer responds to code.

Students receive immediate, rich feedback, including an explanation with the complete solution. All questions are auto-graded, giving both you and your students a sense of their understanding.

Codio's native resource meets students where they are. We present content in smaller units that are more manageable for students. The same vocabulary and concepts are covered, but in a more approachable way — by stating things as plainly as possible, and, when appropriate, using images, tables, or lists.

This content is not a one-size-fits-all solution.  Natural breakpoints occur in the curriculum where you can make the changes. Using Codio’s excellent content authoring tools, you can author new material. This modular approach gives you the flexibility to design the learner experience best for your students.

✔️ Codio's AP® CS A is a College Board–endorsed AP® Computer Science A curricula.

UTeach AP® CS A

In this engaging, project-based course, students deep-dive into programming concepts while collaborating to solve a series of socially relevant challenges. Each unit introduces a unique, real-world problem following an overarching course narrative as students “travel the globe” in search of a missing scientist.

On Codio, UTeach CS A students master Java concepts through an interactive textbook with socially relevant projects, embedded assessments, and programming in the built-in text editor, compiler, and debugger.

UTeach AP® CS A curriculum includes detailed lesson plans, embedded teacher guidance, auto-graded assessments, a College Board–approved syllabus, and lessons directly aligned with topics and skills in the AP Classroom platform. Ongoing support from UTeach CS includes individual mentoring, on-demand support, webinars, and professional learning community. 

During the engaging, College Board–endorsed professional development, teachers master foundational course content and AP® CSA requirements while practicing collaborative, project-based instructional strategies. 

✔️ UTeach CS A is a College Board–endorsed AP® Computer Science A curricula.

UTeach CS curriculum and PD is the product of ongoing collaboration between highly successful secondary CS teachers, expert CS faculty from The University of Texas at Austin, and UTeach's 20+ years experience leading nationwide, evidence-based teacher preparation.

WeTeach AP® CS A

A ChromeBook compatible curriculum developed by a team of veteran CS teachers with almost 100 years combined computer science teaching experience. Full scholarships are available!

Designed with teachers in mind, WeTeach AP® CS A offers professional development led by course developers that includes a four day summer workshop plus six follow up seminars during the year. 

WeTeach on Codio enables students to complete their programming assignments online and teachers to grade them, manually or via auto-grading, with all labs predefined. Using Codio means teachers and tech coordinators will not have to download an IDE onto local systems if they do not care to. Each online assignment is a complete version of the problem assigned in the course.

✔️ WeTeach AP CS A is a College Board–endorsed AP® Computer Science A curricula.

See student work at any time

Chris Hickman
Programming & Web Development Instructor
Bay Path Regional Vocational Technical High School

"With the current hybrid schedule in place at Bay Path, we have found it extremely useful to be able to log into a student’s project at any time to view what they are working on and provide appropriate feedback."

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