Programming Courses for Non-CS Majors

Deliver engaging computing and programming courses to business, engineering, and other non-CS majors.

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Students love to learn in Codio

Plus, there are no complicated hardware or software requirements. Codio gives your students a consistently high-quality, friendly experience—regardless of device—so you can focus on teaching, not playing tech support!

All they need is a web browser and an internet connection. Codio even works on Chromebooks!

No Installation, No Hassle

All instructors and students need is a web browser to access Codio’s online integrated development environment (IDE). With Codio's cloud-based platform your students won't need to install any special software. Instructors can choose from dozens of software configurations to use as-is or customize.

Optimized for Computing Education

Codio is built for computer science education, so it makes coding practice as accessible as possible. Codio conveniently pairs instructional content and a code editor in the same browser tab. Additionally, Codio includes niche tools such as our code visualizer which allows students to see their code executing, including how computers navigate complex flow and structures.

Teach Any Language on Any Environment

Teaching Intro to Programming, Data Science, or Statistics just got easier. You can use tools you are familiar with like Jupyter Notebooks, R Studio, and Scratch with the Codio platform. Additionally, Codio projects run on their own Ubuntu box, meaning that any compatible software or language can easily be run.


Not only does Codio offer a free catalog of interactive e-books designed for our platform, but we also have a robust library of editable auto-graded assessments to perfectly compliment any course. Each question in our assessments library is auto-grade-enabled, giving students rich, immediate feedback. Codio assessments are a mix of formative questions, like multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, and Parsons problems, and summative exercises, like code tests.

Instant, Meaningful Feedback for Students

Using Codio’s auto-grading features, you can instantly provide feedback to students that demonstrates why their solution is correct or incorrect. Our rubric tool will allow you to assign full or partial points depending on the parameters you set. You can couple instant automated feedback with your own manual feedback utilizing Codio’s remote teaching feedback toolkit, including Cursor Presence, and Code Commenting.

Capture Actionable Student Learning Insights

Codio provides student level, assignment level, module level, and class level dashboards that give instructors actionable insights across all areas of student learning. You can easily identify students who need help with the material or could use more of a challenge. You can find out which assignment or topic gave students the most difficulties to help you refine your course for next semester.

A friendly and accessible learning environment

Clement Allen
Associate Professor, Florida A&M University

This semester is the first year we decided to teach a computer programming course to non-Majors. And I immediately wanted it to be Codio. The students are already intimidated by computers and programming. So, I needed an environment that was friendly, accessible, and something they can easily grasp.

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