Deliver Exceptional Online CS Courses at Scale

Successful online learning programs require a student experience proven to raise engagement. Meet Codio, your go-to platform for creating online computer science courses that will not only drive student engagement through tried-and-true lessons and modules, but also reduce the burden on your planning process

Easy for Students to Use

Learning in a virtual environment can be intimidating for students. With Codio’s unique learning environment, you can customize all content, making the learning experience manageable and interactive

And when you’re teaching-at-scale, Codio provides a consistently high-quality experience, regardless of a student’s setup.

Codio is entirely browser-based, all that’s needed is an internet connection. Device-agnostic, your students can even access the platform from a tablet device.

Built to Scale

Codio is uniquely suited for teaching CS at-scale, with in-depth student insights and learning analytics at all learning levels.

Manual grading not only costs CS programs tens of thousands of dollars each year, but it also takes up valuable time that you don’t have. When you’re teaching large online courses, it becomes unsustainable. You need a platform that supports your efforts to scale your online learning program.

Codio’s auto-grading feature not only allows you to slash grading expenses, but the immediate feedback provided to students results in higher student engagement and lower student attrition, reducing budgetary strain and improving the rank of your institution’s CS program.

Exceptional Course Curation and Maintenance

Let’s be honest--building a course from the ground up is a challenging, time-consuming venture.

With Codio, you can cherry-pick from our expansive library of customizable, editable teaching resources for your computer science online course. Codio also offers instructors a giant assessments library, all of which are editable. Alternatively, authoring is so simple in Codio—you can easily port or create your own resources, or blend ours with yours.

Our library of auto-graded, editable assessments is expanding all the time and currently supports Python, Java, C/C++, and JavaScript.

Designed Around Learning Outcomes

Successful online learning programs require a student experience proven to boost engagement--but they also need an instructor who has the necessary time to dedicate to student success. 

That’s where Codio comes in. With our advanced learning insights, you’ll be able to track and monitor students and identify those who need more help or more of a challenge.

By removing the grading and planning burden from instructors, you can focus more on student performance and satisfaction. Increased student satisfaction and engagement result in better learning outcomes—meaning lower attrition and greater course completion rates.

Successful online course delivery and management

John Hall
Vice President of Program Delivery, eCornell

"Codio's partnership approach has enabled us to be far more successful than we otherwise would have been with our online course delivery and management."

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