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Unlimited Containers in the Cloud

Create and launch preconfigured containers in seconds with our templates.


Launch a fully preconfigured coding environment in seconds.

Imagine being able to quickly create all the software configurations you need and then create a templated snapshot. And then simply pull them off the shelf for you or your students when you need them. Codio’s Stacks and Starter Packs let you do just this.

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Mateen Rizki Chair of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering,Wright State University

Kent State
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Wright State
John Carroll


Stack templates are server snapshots of the underlying software configuration. You might have Python with the modules you require along with a SQL or Mongo database. Or perhaps you regularly teach Java 8 with Junit and JavaFX. Or if you’re teaching a full stack web development course you might want a the Mean or LAMP/LEMP stack. No matter what underlying stack you’ve configured, once it’s added to your template library, you will will be able to go from nowhere to an up-and-running project in seconds.


Starter Packs

Starter Packs

A starter pack allows you to combine a Stack template with some workspace code that delivers a ready-to-go starting point for you and your students. This will save you huge amounts of time getting large classes of students set up so you can start teaching them rather than acting as support staff and wasting precious teaching time.


Starter Packs

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