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Codio for Higher Education

Hands-on learning university and college computer science platform for courses.
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Integrated Course Text and Auto-Graded Labs

The most effective solution

"Codio is the most effective solution I've seen for sharing a combination of textbook and complex auto-graded programming labs."
Armando FoxProfessor of Computer Science and Software Engineering at UC Berkeley
Evidence-Based Results

Happier learners, less grading and admin

Independent research has found that "the use of Codio has coincided with a steady increase in student performance and satisfaction as well as far greater data on student engagement and performance" (Croft & England, 2019).

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15% Higher learner performance
30% Less course admin
10% Higher learner satisfaction
75% Less time spent grading
Streamline Your Workflow

Everything you need to create and deliver engaging computing courses for coding in university

Codio’s college computer science platform makes it easy to deliver engaging computing learning experiences with templated labs, auto-graded assessments, instant student feedback, customizable courseware, and research-based instructional tools.

Auto-Grading and Feedback

Instant, Meaningful Feedback for Students

Using Codio’s auto-grading features, you can instantly provide students feedback demonstrating why their solution is correct or incorrect. Our rubric tool will allow you to assign full or partial points depending on your set parameters in our college computer science platform. You can couple instant automated feedback with your own manual feedback utilizing Codio’s remote teaching feedback toolkit, including Cursor Presence and Code Commenting.

Friendly and Accessible Environment

I immediately wanted it to be Codio

“This semester is the first year we decided to teach a computer programming course to non-Majors. And I immediately wanted it to be Codio. The students are already intimidated by computers and programming. So, I needed an environment that was friendly, accessible and something they can easily grasp.”
Clement Allen, PhDAssociate Professor at Florida A&M University
Complete Flexibility

Install and utilize any language or framework

Teaching Intro to Programming, Data Science, or Statistics just got easier. You can use tools you are familiar with like Jupyter Notebooks, R Studio, and Scratch with the Codio platform. Additionally, Codio projects run on their own Ubuntu box, meaning that any compatible software or language can easily be run.

jupyter notebooks within codio
Designed for Computing and Coding Education

Teach everything from data science and statistics to CS and software engineering

Codio is built for all forms of computing education, making learning by doing as accessible as possible. Codio conveniently pairs instructional content and a code editor in the same browser tab. Additionally, Codio includes niche tools such as our code visualizer which allows students to see their code executing, including how computers navigate complex flow and structures.

No Extensive Configuration

Sophisticated auto-grading that's easy to configure

"We needed a student-facing IDE that was 'ready to go' and didn't require futzing or installation on the student's part but was sophisticated enough to handle our auto-grading demands without requiring extensive instructor time spent on dev-ops or configuration."
Armando FoxProfessor of Computer Science and Software Engineering at UC Berkeley
Learner Behavior Insights

Emphasize learner process over product

Behavior Insights in our college computer science platform seamlessly integrates individual learner behavioral metrics like:

  • Time Spent
  • Coding vs. Debugging Time
  • History of External Pastes
  • Enhanced, Multi-File Code Playback with Pastes
  • Insertions vs. Deletions
  • Rate of Edits (Characters per Second)
Enhance the student experience

Achieve better learning outcomes for students

An ACM research paper found that "the use of Codio has coincided with a steady increase in student performance and satisfaction."1 Instructors using Codio have reported an average increase in student satisfaction of over 10%, while student grade performance increases by over 15%.

1 Croft, D. and England, M. (2019). Computing with Codio at Coventry University. Proceedings of the 3rd Conference on Computing Education Practice - CEP '19.


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