Coding for Beginners: Hands-On Solutions for Computer Science and Programming Higher Education Courses

Codio lets you deliver engaging and impactful CS & programming courses that achieve better learning outcomes. Our higher education solutions for computer science empower student achievement with an approachable and enriching learning environment.

Achieve Better Outcomes for Students Learning How to Code

Codio provides instructors with the tools to improve student performance and boost student satisfaction through engaging and interactive learning experiences in computer programming.

Students using Codio are more engaged and exhibit higher levels of satisfaction. Instructors using Codio have reported an average increase in student satisfaction of over 10%, while student grade performance increases by over 15%.

An ACM research paper found that "the use of Codio has coincided with a steady increase in student performance and satisfaction."1

1 Croft, D. and England, M. (2019). Computing with Codio at Coventry University. Proceedings of the 3rd Conference on Computing Education Practice - CEP '19.

Unlock Previously Inaccessible Insights into Learner Behavior

Codio is keystroke auto-save enabled. Our coding solution collects rich learner data to reveal actionable insights into student behavior. That gives instructors valuable insights that can be used to update assignments and optimize learning experiences.

Code Playback provides snapshots of student code, enabling instructors to see how a student works with coding languages. Learning Insights identifies students who are struggling or who might need a challenge, as well as class and module-level performance and engagement insights.

So Much Easier

Mark Sherman
Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Emmanuel College

There are so many little things that are making my life SO MUCH EASIER while using Codio. Things I wouldn’t have thought to ask for, like popping into a student’s project live. Overall this is taking less maintenance effort on my end to run the same course, and I’m so happy about that.

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A Platform Students will Actually Use

Students often feel intimidated by technology that was not designed to support computer science. This is doubly true in classes focused on coding for beginners. Higher education solutions for programming courses don’t need to scare or discourage learning.

Codio is different because our design is driven by faculty and students. It is approachable, rich in feedback, and leads to better student engagement. With Codio, all stakeholders collaborate (whether passively or actively) to create the most enriching learning environment possible.

Easy to Adopt

Codio is easy for faculty to adopt without disruption to existing teaching practices. The benefits are immediate in reduced setup and admin time, easier faculty-student interaction, and richer insight into student performance. Providing effective training for computer science majors becomes that much easier with additional context around skill development and performance.

Getting started is simple too - you can set up instructor and student groups in seconds and integrate with your LMS in a blink.

Robust Learning Platform

When adopting platform technology to support new programs, you need the reassurance of a partner that has a proven ability to support students and faculty at scale.

From tens of thousands of students on edX to multi-institution higher education campus programs, Codio's massively scalable cloud infrastructure is built for volume.



Addressing Technical Challenges in CS Education with Codio Stacks

We understand that professors don’t have time to provide tech support to their students, and we’ve developed a solution—Codio Stacks!


2019 Survey Report

With increasing student-to-teacher ratios and adoption trends shifting from traditional textbooks to technology platforms, we conducted a survey of computer science instructors at US higher education institutions to find out the challenges they face, understand what they need to resolve those challenges, and identify solutions we should be building.

Case Study

SNHU Case Study

Codio and SNHU: Using Codio at scale to support CS and STEM programs.


Written by Dr. Gwen Britton, Academic Associate Vice President, Global Campus - STEM and Business Programs at Southern New Hampshire University