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Interactive Courseware

Editable course texts for hands-on learning

Customizable course texts integrated with a professional-grade IDE, auto-graded assessments, instant learner feedback, and intelligent learning analytics—all within Codio.
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Evidence-Based Results

Happier learners, less grading and admin

Independent research has found that "the use of Codio has coincided with a steady increase in student performance and satisfaction as well as far greater data on student engagement and performance" (Croft & England, 2019).

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15% Higher learner performance
30% Less course admin
10% Higher learner satisfaction
75% Less time spent grading
Integrated Course Text and Labs

The most effective course text and auto-graded labs solution

"Codio is the most effective solution I've seen for sharing a combination of textbook and complex auto-graded programming labs."
Armando FoxProfessor of Computer Science and Software Engineering at UC Berkeley
Courseware Features

Everything you need to deliver engaging computing courses

Customizable courseware and auto-graded assessments with rich, instant feedback and evidence-based teaching tools—proven to boost learner outcomes.
Adapt & Customize

Create an engaging course in minutes

Easily adapt and customize Codio's scaffolded auto-graded courseware—available in Python, C++, Java, and more.

Infinitely Customizable

Meet learners where they are

All content in our catalog is are completely customizable. You can edit everything to create a truly tailored introduction to computer science and programming experience, including:

  • Instructional text
  • Code examples
  • Programming assignments
  • End-of-chapter assessments

You can leverage Codio Resources whether you work with students in a physical classroom or lead them through online learning. Our interactive courseware supports C++, Java, R, Python, and other programming languages and topics. 


Minimal text, true interactivity

Codio Resources present instructional material in smaller units that are more manageable for students. The same vocabulary and concepts are covered but in a more approachable way through the LMS for Python, C++, Java, R, and other programming and data science courses.

Tools like our code visualizer let students see how their code works "under the hood." Codio Resources involve a variety of new concepts and competencies for many learners. Codio Resources support their development and empower learners to learn how to write fully functional code.

Essential Data Science in Python & R Blog
Nothing to install or configure

No installation frustration

Codio's preconfigured interactive Python, Java, C/C++ (and more) programming environments mean you don't need to worry about creating installation instructions or figuring out what went wrong when things don't work.

Behavior Insights

Gain a deeper understanding of learner behavior

The hype surrounding ChatGPT and other generative AI tools in education, including research showing how MOSS can be fooled by Large Language Model (LLM) generated code (Biderman & Raff, 2022), calls for a renewed emphasis on student process over product. 

Behavior Insights enables instructors to identify and combat plagiarism and academic dishonesty at scale by analyzing student learning behavior within the context of an assignment or exam question.

Biderman, S., & Raff, E. (2022, October). Fooling moss detection with pretrained language models. In Proceedings of the 31st ACM International Conference on Information & Knowledge Management (pp. 2933-2943).

Learner behavior insights
Platform Features

Evidence-based tools proven to enhance learner outcomes

Customizable courseware, automated assessments, instant feedback, and research-based instructional tools—seamlessly integrated with cloud VMs and a professional-grade IDE.

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