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Role-Specific Technical Skills Assessments

Assess what actually matters. Start from scratch or use an existing question from our library of editable assessments. Codio’s powerful assessment engine enables you to determine a candidate’s ability to make business and implementation decisions using multiple-choice, focus on problem flow with Parsons problems, review code with short answers, and debug code with code tests.

Robust Auto-Scoring

Auto-score every assessment—including style checkers, test coverage analysis, and unit tests for coding assessments—saving you time and optimizing your hiring workflow. Dig deeper into promising candidates with manual code review and Code Playback.

Real-World Projects

Need candidates to complete a longer form project? Easily set up any software configuration with Codio’s existing libraries, databases, and templates for a project-based view of performance.

Unparalleled Insight into Candidate Skills

Identify skills and talent gaps with ease. Gather previously inaccessible insight into candidate or employee performance. Compare across peer groups. Codio's advanced performance analytics and keystroke autosave functionality offer tech leaders deeper insight into how people actually perform on the job.

Keystroke Behavioral Analysis

Codio is keystroke autosave enabled, allowing for advanced algorithmic exploration of candidate keystroke behavior.

Code Playback

Review the elapsed build-out of projects and problem-solving exercises at different stages, revealing deeper insight into a candidate’s thought process and problem-solving abilities.

John Hall
Vice President of Program Delivery, eCornell

"Codio's partnership approach has enabled us to be far more successful than we otherwise would have been with our online course delivery and management."

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