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Browser-Based IDE

The Cloud IDE for Education

Give learners a truly hands-on experience with Codio's industry-grade online IDE or popular environments like Jupyter Notebooks, RStudio, or VSCode—seamlessly integrated with instructional materials and a powerful assessment engine.

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Hands-On Learning

Industry-grade cloud IDE designed for learning

Teach any language on any device, and get learners coding accessible from day one with Codio's browser-based IDE. 

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No Installation Frustration

A "ready-to-go" learner-facing IDE

"We needed a student-facing IDE that was 'ready-to-go' and didn't require futzing or installation on the student's part but was sophisticated enough to handle our auto-grading demands without requiring extensive instructor time spent on dev-ops or configuration."
Armando FoxProfessor of Computer Science and Software Engineering at UC Berkeley
Seamless Configuration

Level-set the student experience

Ensure learners have access to the same environment regardless of hardware or software configurations, to reduce or even eliminate frustration with technical issues. Hide or reveal complexity depending on students' learning stage. Teach and mentor in real-time, while learners follow along on their own devices. 

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Specialty IDEs and Environments

Jupyter Notebooks, RStudio, VSCode, and more

Need a more specialized environment? Seamlessly assign Jupyter Notebooks with auto-grading tools like nbGrader, distribute RStudio assignments bundled with data sets, or give students practice on popular IDEs like VSCode—all within Codio.

Real-World Tools

Everything you'd expect in an industry-grade IDE

Integrated Debugger

The Codio IDE has a superb debugger that runs in the browser, with all the features you'd expect, including gutter-based breakpoint, automatic watching of local variables, manual variable watches, call stack, step over, step out, and more.

Virtual Desktop

Anyone can develop GUI-based applications in Codio. Whether Swing, JavaFX, tkinter, OpenGL, or anything else, they all run beautifully within your browser. This allows for a centralized management system to ensure all students can access the online IDEs.

Syntax Highlighting

Codio automatically selects the syntax highlighting rules based on the file extension.


The Codio infrastructure delivers far more than a regular Virtual Machine infrastructure. Our intelligently managed containerization technology allows unlimited, fully fledged Ubuntu servers to be spun up in a couple of seconds. We charge the same if a student has one project or one hundred.

Code Complete

Autocomplete is supported in files in many languages. Simply start typing, and matches are automatically displayed.

Multiple Code Panels

The Codio IDE gives you complete control over your project layout. Configure your environment with multiple code panels, tabs, and layouts.

Automated Email

Email notifications are a great way to nudge students in the right direction to get their work done on time. Use templates to personalize emails to students at different progress points on projects, saving time and ensuring clear communication.

Custom Configurable Menus

Instructors can customize menus in Codio's IDE  to remove options they don’t want students to have access to.


Customize the default theme for people viewing the content. You can enable both light and dark themes. Dyslexic users can also choose a specially-designed theme.

Code Beautification

The Code Beautifier feature automatically indents and manages spaces in your code to format it correctly.

Emmet Support

Codio offers default keyboard shortcuts and Emmet keyboard shortcuts, all of which can be customized.

Extensive Keyboard Shortcuts

Codio offers default keyboard shortcuts and Emmet keyboard shortcuts, all of which are customizable.
Integrated Course Materials

Course content controls the IDE

Course materials in Codio fully control the IDE. Each page can open and close the files you need to see for any individual page of content. You can also execute commands, open up browser pages and even highlight portions of code.

Code Playback and Review

One-click access to learner code

Instructors can easily access student projects to review, comment or provide feedback, and even playback the code as it was written.

Code Playback is built into Codio’s integrated development environment (IDE). This feature is available to all teachers and is extremely easy to use. With a few clicks, teachers can access all of the files that students produce in Codio.

Flexible and Accessible

Easily configure for any scenario

"What we love about Codio is the ease of configuration for any programming scenario and the fact that we can configure it entirely ourselves. Its integrated nature, flexibility, and the fact that all students need is a browser are fantastic."
Eitan Grinspun, PhDAssociate Professor of Computer Science at Columbia University
Sys Admin Free

Instantly install and assign anything

Configure the environment you need and distribute it instantly to students. Template your standard environments and pull them off the shelf when you need them. Because everything is running on our servers, you don’t need to worry about security.

Command-Line Access

Sudo-level privileges

Gain command-line access to the Ubuntu box. Codio's infrastructure supports anything that you choose to install and configure from the command line. Codio boxes have sudo level privileges so instructors and students can custom configure the environment.

Integrated Collaboration Tools

Equipped for collaborative and pair programming

Pair Programming

Enable seamless student collaboration in pairs or small groups working within the same project concurrently. Codio enables using the driver and navigator model, with purposeful scaffolding and support for good pair programming habits. Students can seamlessly transfer driver control on-demand.

Collaborative coding tools

See where collaborators' cursors are and who is looking at a document with cursor presence. Codio ensures group members are not stepping on each other's toes while working together.

Integrated Chat and Video Conferencing

With Codio’s A/V and chat features, you no longer need multiple platforms to have a fully collaborative coding experience. Chat, audio or video call with project mates, instructors, or students within Codio.

In-Line Code Commenting

Instructors and even a TA can open a student project through the student's IDE, see what the student is currently doing, and leave a comment, starting a conversation entirely in Codio.

Frequently asked questions about Codio's IDE

What is an IDE? An online Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is a browser-based integrated development environment for software and web development. It can enhance the teaching methods of computer science instructors by enabling students to work from anywhere. This flexibility is possible because it doesn't rely on downloading software locally.
What level should students be at to use Codio's IDE?

Codio's online IDE is designed for learners at all levels. It gives students everything they need to progress from beginner to advanced levels, including a superb debugger that runs in the browser. Instructors can also hide or reveal complexity depending on students' learning stage with advanced features like syntax highlighting, extensive keyboard shortcuts, and code complete.

How does Codio's IDE benefit instructors? Codio's IDE enables flexibility and freedom for computer science instructors. The consistency in online environments and the advanced features like our debugger make it easier for instructors to receive high-quality and consistent work from students. As an instructor, you can focus on teaching core concepts.
Do I need to install anything or does the Codio IDE run in my browser? With Codio's browser-based IDE, there's nothing to install or download. All you or your students need is a web browser and an internet connection to access Codio.
How well does Codio scale? Codio offers unparalleled scalability, making it an ideal choice for universities, Fortune 500 companies, school districts, and massive MOOCs or online courses. Regardless of your organization's size, Codio seamlessly adapts to meet your needs.
Do learners have to set up or configure their environments? Nope! With Codio, instructors can ensure that students are accessing a consistent environment regardless of their hardware configuration. 
How does Codio reduce costs?

Codio reduces computer lab costs by providing a cloud-based online coding IDE accessible from the classroom or from home on any device—even tablets and Chromebooks!

What languages does Codio support? Codio's in-browser cloud IDE supports almost every programming language, including Java, Python, C, C++, NodeJS, R, Ruby, and more! Our online IDE means learners can master these languages on any device, wherever they have an internet connection.
Does the Codio IDE require any special hardware configurations? Instructors and learners can access Codio on any device—even tablets and Chromebooks! All you need is a web browser and an internet connection to access Codio's online IDE. 

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