Online IDE for Education

Codio's fully featured online IDE lets students code with syntax highlighting, debugger tools, virtual desktop for GUI output, & more—all from a browser tab!

Online IDE

Connected to every cloud VM, Codio's online IDE offers all the tools and features you would expect from leading desktop IDEs, including the ability to run GUI applications. Hide or reveal complexity depending on your students' learning stage.

Time Savings for All

Mateen Rizki
Chair of the Department of Computer Science & Engineering at Wright State University

The VM technology, integrated IDE and class monitoring tools are a killer combination. The time savings for students and faculty are huge.

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Install & Teach Anything

Our IDE gives you command line access to the Ubuntu box. Codio's infrastructure supports anything that you choose to install and configure from the command line. Codio boxes have sudo level privileges so you and your students can custom configure your environment.

Teach Anywhere

The student policy of 'Bring Your Own Device' (BYOD) is today's reality. Therefore, Codio allows you to reduce your computer lab costs by providing a cloud-based IDE accessible from the classroom or from home. Students just need a web browser to use the Codio IDE.

Virtual Desktop

Even though all Codio boxes are running in the Cloud, the Codio virtual desktop lets anyone develop GUI based applications. Whether Swing, JavaFX, tkinter, OpenGL or anything else, they all run beautifully within your browser.

Integrated Debugger

The Codio IDE has a superb debugger that runs in the browser. It supports Java, Python, C, C++, NodeJS. You will find all the features you would expect including gutter based breakpoint, automatic watching of local variables, manual variable watches, call stack, step over, step out and more.

Advanced Features

Codio is designed for experts and enables teaching complex topics such us Data Science or Graphics. For full details, review our technical specifications. Some of the things you will find are syntax highlighting, extensive keyboard shortcuts, code complete, multiple code panels, themes, code beautification, emmet support, one click software installation and custom configurable menus.

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Learn more about how Codio can save you time, money, and headaches!