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Computer Science Tools for Engaging Courses

Create genuinely interactive computing courses with instant learner feedback that enhance engagement and eliminate course admin and grading burdens.

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Evidence-Based Results

Happier learners, less grading and admin

Independent research has found that "the use of Codio has coincided with a steady increase in student performance and satisfaction as well as far greater data on student engagement and performance" (Croft & England, 2019).

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15% Higher learner performance
30% Less course admin
10% Higher learner satisfaction
75% Less time spent grading
Hands-On Learning

An extremely useful resource for teaching computing

"Codio is extremely useful as a tool for teaching computer programming courses. I’ve done amazing things. Codio allows students to experience exactly how they would need to work as they progress into industry."
Greg Delozier, PhDLecturer at Kent State University
Evidence-Based Features

Create and deliver powerfully engaging courses

Bring your computing course to life with tools proven to boost learner engagement, performance, and confidence.
Seamless Course Delivery

Bring your course materials to life

Author truly interactive course content and engage your students like never before. 

Hands-On Learning

Encourage "learning-by-doing"

Instead of passively watching or reading instructional content, students are actively building code as they progress through your course materials. Encourage students to explore code with copyable code snippets, preconfigured “run” buttons, and code visualizers. 

Instant Feedback

Give learners instant, meaningful assessment feedback

Give students the immediate feedback they crave with Codio’s rich, meaningful feedback, instantly displayed to learners upon completion of an assessment. As a result, students don’t just see whether an answer is incorrect; they know why it was wrong to better work through it. 

Parsons Problems and Instant Feedback
No Extensive Configuration

Sophisticated auto-grading that's easy to configure

"We needed a student-facing IDE that was 'ready to go' and didn't require futzing or installation on the student's part but was sophisticated enough to handle our auto-grading demands without requiring extensive instructor time spent on dev-ops or configuration."
Armando FoxProfessor of Computer Science and Software Engineering at UC Berkeley
Auto-Graded Assessments

Auto-grade almost everything

Create interactive, auto-graded assessments with instant learner feedback. Automate grading and student feedback on all types of assessments, from multiple-choice questions or free text answers to code tests and more.

Content Authoring - Assessments
Auto-Graded Assessments

Author and deliver formative and summative assessments of all types

Codio's powerful assessments engine enables instructors to create graded and ungraded assessments, including complex coding assessments, at scale.

Standard Code Test

Standard code tests are dialog driven, where you specify input data and the expected output. Codio then executes the student code, supplies the specified input data, and compares the expected output to the student code’s actual output.

Advanced Code Test

Implement unit tests, style checkers, or write custom code tests in any language that grades student-written code with an advanced code test.

Multiple Choice

Easily set up multiple choice type assessments, which provide a question and then single or multiple response options.

Fill in the Blanks

Fill in the blank questions allows for a choice between free text or offer options from a drop down. Learners can then choose the correct answer from a drop down list or complete the missing words by entering the answer.

Free Text

Give students the opportunity to answer in their own words with Free Text assessments, which allow for LaTeX formatting and are recommended for math assessments. Instructors can easily review and manually grade answers.

Free Text Autograde

Similarly to Free Text, Free Text Autograde also allows students to answer in their own words, but teachers can easily enable autograding by including a command line to execute the autograding script.

Math Assessment

Set and grade math questions for any type and level of mathematics with ease, using the Free Text assessment. Codio offers manual grading of mathematical expressions or proofs, and multiple choice assessment type to create answers.

Parsons Puzzle

Also known as a Parsons problem, Parsons Puzzles are formative assessments that ask students to arrange blocks of scrambled code, allowing them to focus on the purpose and flow of the code (often including a new pattern or feature) instead of syntax.

Rubric Based Grade Book

 The Grade Book is available for rubric based grading. The student can only see the comments, points, and rubric items once the assessment is graded and the grades are released.

Parameterized Assessments

Simply generate parameters by writing python code on the Parameters tab, for all assessment types except Gradebook and Random.  
Instantly Access Learner Code

Access and review learner code

As an instructor using Codio, you get instant access to student code and projects. Instructors using Codio can also highlight students' code and start a comment thread in-line with the code being reviewed.

Code Commenting Blog Post
Behavior Insights

Unlock previously inaccessible insights into learner behaviors

Visualize and interpret learner behavior with Codio’s powerful student learning insights dashboards and keystroke analytics. Visualize learning behaviors at the course, module, assignment, or student level, analyze time spent coding versus debugging, and even playback student code. 

Collaboration Tools

Promote collaborative learning

With a full suite of collaboration tools, Codio is optimal for collaborative learning. Students can collaborate on projects simultaneously and participate in pair programming exercises with built-in audio/video conferencing, chat and in-line comments, and GitHub integrations.

Pair Programming - Chat Feature
Platform Features

Evidence-based tools proven to enhance learner outcomes

Customizable courseware, automated assessments, instant feedback, and research-based instructional tools—seamlessly integrated with cloud VMs and a professional-grade IDE.

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