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Create genuinely interactive computing courses with instant learner feedback that enhance engagement and eliminate course admin and grading burdens 


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Instant Feedback on Learner Assessments

Give students the immediate feedback they crave with Codio’s rich, meaningful feedback, instantly displayed to learners upon completion of an assessment. As a result, students don’t just see whether an answer is incorrect; they know why it was wrong to better work through it. 


All Types of Auto-Graded Assessments

Create interactive, auto-graded assessments with instant learner feedback. Automate grading and student feedback on all types of assessments, from multiple-choice questions or free text answers to code tests and more.

Extremely useful for teaching computer programming courses

Dr. Greg Delozier
Adjunct Professor of Computer Science

Codio is extremely useful as a tool for teaching computer programming courses and great as a professional prototyping and technology exploration tool. I’ve done amazing things. Codio makes it possible for students to experience exactly how they would need to work as they progress into industry.

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Accessing and Reviewing Student Code

As an instructor using Codio, you get instant access to student code and projects. Instructors using Codio can also highlight students' code and start a comment thread in-line with the code being reviewed.


Promote Collaborative Learning

With a full suite of collaboration tools, Codio is optimal for collaborative learning. Students can collaborate on projects simultaneously and participate in pair programming exercises with built-in audio/video conferencing, chat and in-line comments, and GitHub integrations.

Bring Your CS Course Materials to Life

Author truly interactive course content to engage your students like never before. Encourage students to explore code with copyable code snippets, preconfigured “run” buttons, and code visualizers. Instead of passively watching or reading instructional content, students are actively building code as they progress through your course materials.


Unlock Previously Inaccessible Learner Insights

Visualize and interpret learner behavior with Codio’s powerful student learning insights dashboards and keystroke analytics. Visualize learning behaviors at the course, module, assignment, or student level, analyze time spent coding versus debugging, and even playback student code. 


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