Cutting-Edge Learner Behavior Insights & Student Analytics

Get a deeper understanding of student learning behavior with actionable, research-based Behavior Insights and rich analytics at the individual, assignment, module, and course levels.

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Behavior Insights emphasize learner process over product

The hype surrounding ChatGPT and other generative AI tools in education, including research showing how MOSS can be fooled by Large Language Model (LLM) generated code (Biderman & Raff, 2022), calls for a renewed emphasis on student process over product.

Behavior Insights seamlessly integrates behavioral metrics being explored by researchers (e.g., Watwin, NPSM, RED, Error Qutient) into the Codio platform, and includes:

  • Time Spent
  • Coding vs. Debugging Time
  • History of External Pastes
  • Enhanced, Multi-File Code Playback with Pastes
  • Insertions vs. Deletions
  • Rate of Edits (Characters per Second)

Detecting Plagiarism in Computing Exams with Behavioral Metrics

Behavior Insights enables instructors to identify and combat plagiarism and academic dishonesty at scale by analyzing student learning behavior within the context of an assignment or exam question.

By default, behavior Insights' indicators and corresponding dashboard are configured to detect plagiarism. 

The dashboard shows tiles above or below their respective thresholds – so if you click on a low indicator, you will see fewer tiles than if you click on a high indicator.

Multi-File Code Playback with Pastes

Codio's Code Playback feature offers multi-file support, showing how students move between different files while programming. Clicking on an indicated paste reveals it on the timeline, highlighted in green, within the context of the code file in the top pane. Timeline navigation can be accomplished by playing the player, dragging the timeline, or using the zoom buttons on the right of the timeline.  

Time Savings for All

Mateen Rizki
Chair of the Department of Computer Science & Engineering at Wright State University

The VM technology, integrated IDE and class monitoring tools are a killer combination. The time savings for students and faculty are huge.

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A Robust Class, Module, Assignment, and Student Analytics Dashboard

Get rich insight into grade performance and student progress at the class, module, assignment, and learner level with Codio's Learning Insights Dashboards. Visualize average grade vs. time spent, identify trends in individual assignments or an entire class, and easily identify students who need help or need more of a challenge.

Visualize Learner Performance

Learning Insights provides you with powerful visualizations to convey the story behind your course data. From overall class performance to individual cognitive load estimates, Codio’s Learning Insights brings together all relevant pieces of information on one screen— accessible with the press of a button.

Identify Students Needing Help—Or More of a Challenge

Learning Insights allows you to identify learners in and out of the Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD). Each dashboard contains a scatter plot and trend line to display the class average with individual learners’ performance, making it easy to identify learners who need more help and those who need a bit of a challenge.

Class Insights Dashboard

Get a bird’s eye view of all learner performance, including students, modules, units, and assessments, all in one place. Here you can compare and evaluate learner performance and identify those in need of intervention—all in one place.

Module Insights

With the Module Insights Dashboard, you can evaluate your class’s average performance. A grouped bar chart visualization compares the number of learners who started a given unit, completed that unit, the average grade in the module, and the average time spent on it by learners.

Assignment Insights

Assignment-level insights compare the total time spent and the performance of the entire class at the unit level. Here you will even be able to identify each unit’s impact on the class’s total average grade.

Learner Insights

The Learner Insights Dashboard shows the amount of time spent and individual learners’ performance at the unit level and how each unit has impacted the learner’s cumulative grade. You’ll also see how much time a learner has invested in the material over a rolling two-week period. A sortable grade book allows you to segment all relevant information about an individual learner.

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