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Bootcamps and Tech Upskilling

Increase completion rates with seamless, engaging experiences.
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Quick and Effective Learning Onboarding

Get learners coding in minutes

Codio fast-tracks learning by enabling code execution within minutes, thanks to its preconfigured containers. Learners can access coding exercises alongside instructional materials and get instant feedback through autograders or use our AI-powered Coach to get help when stuck.

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Full-stack Flexibility and Access

Install, teach, and run anything

Say goodbye to technical requirements and installation issues. Our Ubuntu-based cloud containers offer full-stack compatibility, including a built-in terminal and browser for live previews. Sudo privileges allow the installation of industry-standard apps and programs - from version control to databases and testing frameworks. 

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Streamline Your Learner Tech Stack

White-Label Platform With Low Per-Learner Cost

Seamlessly plug-in Codio to your existing workflow while maintaining your brand identity. Instantly solve your technical and scaling issues while keeping the lowest cost per learner possible. Codio’s white-label solution streamlines your operations, offering a seamless teaching and learning experience without having to build and maintain a complex tech stack.

Focus on your core business and create a solid foundation for long-term success in the ever-changing world of technology education.

White Label
Drive Success in Specialized Tech Courses

Tailored Solutions for Enhanced Learning in Cybersecurity, Data Science, and Programming

"Is Tech Frustration Damaging Learner Outcomes?" delves into the unique challenges of tech skills education for software engineering, data science, AI, and cybersecurity fields. Learn how Codio enhances course delivery by improving completion rates, reducing costs, and mitigating learner frustration tailored to each field's specific demands.

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58% Bootcamps struggling with tech-induced learner frustration
50% Bootcamps identify onboarding as major challenge
$660 Average infrastructure cost per-learner
Scaling Made Simple

Efficiently Manage Your Tech Stack and Enhance Learning Outcomes

Leave the heavy lifting of keeping your tech stack up-to-date to us. Codio's cloud solution significantly reduces admin time, improves learner performance by 15%, and increases satisfaction by 10%.

Codio Virtual Labs
In-Depth Learner Insights

Use Actionable Data for Timely Support

Gain valuable insights into learner progress and behaviors, such as time spent and error rates. Utilize this information to effectively identify struggling learners, enhance your curriculum, and provide personalized support.

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SysAdmin Free

Configure layouts and IDEs

Codio’s native IDE allows for seamless configuration of panels and menu customization as learners work through different projects. Specialized environments such as VS Code, Jupyter Lab, and RStudio all run seamlessly in Codio.

Codio quick start software
AI-Powered Learner Support

Codio Coach AI

Use our conversational AI tool to guide students toward problem-solving without compromising academic integrity. Codio Coach helps learners better understand error messages, summarize assignments, and overcome challenges with hints. Coach never gives away direct answers and keeps learners from becoming overeliant on instructors. 

Course Delivery and Management

Flexible and Powerful Teaching Platform

"Codio's partnership approach has enabled us to be far more successful than we otherwise would have been with our online course delivery and management."
John HallVP of Program Delivery at eCornell
“Since adopting Codio, we’ve been able to provide a flexible & powerful basis for teaching subjects involving programming exercises, including coding classes and machine-learning/ AI/data science-focused courseware.”
Ted BlanchardSR. Manager, Instructional Technologies at eCornell

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