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Bootcamps and Upskilling

Increase completion rates with seamless, engaging experiences.
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Get Started in Minutes

Get learners to “hello world”

Codio allows learners to run their first code in minutes by spinning up preconfigured containers. Learners type in a code editor, which is side-by-side with rich markdown content, including images and videos. Autograders are triggered with the push of a button, enabling instant feedback.

Autograding code with instant student feedback
Install Anything

Full-stack compatible and sudo-privileges

Codio containers run Ubuntu, meaning your full stack of development tools will run seamlessly.

Need to quickly run and preview your site? Codio has a built-in terminal and browser. Need a specific tool? Sudo privileges mean you can use industry-standard tools - from version control to databases to testing frameworks. 

Scale Without Struggle

Let us keep your tech stack current and tooled for learner success.

Learner acquisition, pedagogy, curriculum differentiation, and career support are daunting enough without the added burden of managing your tech stack.

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30% Less time spent on admin
15% Higher learner performance
10% Higher learner satisfaction
Rich Learner Insights

Provide just-in-time support and guidance

Unlock learner insights, including time spent, percent of time in an error state, and other metrics to identify students who need help even if they don't ask. Instructors and mentors can hop into a student's container to join a video call, leave in-line code comments, playback learner code, or create a copy to try different fixes without changing the learner workspace.

Academic Integrity
Seamless Configuration

Configure layouts and IDEs

Codio’s native IDE allows for seamless configuration of panels and menu customization as learners work through different projects. Industry-standard IDEs such as VS Code, Jupyter Notebooks, and RStudio run seamlessly in Codio.

Hands-On Learning

Engineered for engagement

Codio’s content authoring features include evidence-based tools for increasing student engagement. From quick assessments such as Parsons problems where students un-scramble code to code visualizer to de-mystify how their code is being executed, everything in Codio’s platform was built with computing education in mind.

programming aids
Course Delivery and Management

Codio's partnership approach enables our success

"Codio's partnership approach has enabled us to be far more successful than we otherwise would have been with our online course delivery and management."
John HallVP of Program Delivery at eCornell

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