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Collaborative Learning in Codio

Pair programming, group projects, live video and chat tools, and code-commenting threads for synchronous and asynchronous feedback.

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Collaborative tools and In-line code comment threads

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Simplified, Streamlined Learning

"There are so many little things that are making my life so much easier while using Codio. Things I wouldn’t have thought to ask for, like popping into a student’s project live. Overall this is taking less maintenance effort on my end to run the same course, and I’m so happy about that."
Mark ShermanAssistant Professor of Computer Science, Emmanuel College
In-Line Comments

Code Commenting

Enable collaboration between learners with code commenting with Codio's code commenting feature. Code commenting allows learners to enhance their understanding of programming concepts and collaborate effectively with peers. Codio's interface allows comments to be easily added to codes, providing explanatory notes, annotations, and insights. By leveraging the code commenting feature, instructors can foster a more interactive and engaging computer science education experience. Instructors have the ability to integrate formative questions directly into their lectures, encouraging learners to think critically about the code they are working with. 

In-line code comment threads
Collaborate Wherever

Audio/Video and Chat Features

Enhance your learning experience with Codio's audio/visual and chat features. These innovative features elevate student engagement and collaboration. With audio/visual capabilities, students can communicate and present their ideas effectively. The chat feature promotes real-time discussions and peer-to-peer support. Whether it's sharing code snippets, explaining complex concepts, or seeking assistance, these features enrich the interactive nature of Codio, fostering a dynamic and inclusive learning environment.

Collaborative tools
Boost Student Success

Collaborative Coding Boosts Learner Retention

Discover the power of collaborative coding through working in pairs or groups. By reinforcing or expanding their knowledge with the guidance of peers, students' confidence boosts in programming skills and computer science is a more enjoyable experience. Experience higher retention rates as students achieve greater success, especially in introductory courses, thanks to the impactful practice of collaborative coding. 

Student Collaboration

Pair Programming

Pair programming allows for seamless collaboration within Codio, eliminating the need for additional video conferencing software. When enabled, learners can work in pairs or small groups, coding in the online IDE. One student takes on the role of the "driver," coding in real-time, while the "navigator" provides guidance through audio or chat. Role switching is simplified, ensuring equal coding time for each learner.  Experience efficient and effective collaboration with pair programming in Codio.

Provide a Better Experience

Peer Instruction

Provide a better computer science education experience with peer instruction in Codio. Instructors can integrate formative questions into lectures, followed by breakout sessions where students discuss and revise their answers. With Codio's auto-graded assessments and collaborative features like cursor presence and audio/chat functionalities, learners can engage in productive discussions and learn from their peers. Revolutionize the learning process and promote active participation with Codio's seamless peer instruction approach.

Cursor Presence-2
Cursor Presence

Synchronous collaboration

Elevate your collaborative coding with Codio's cursor presence feature. Learners can stay in sync with classmates, easily track their progress, and collaborate seamlessly on projects. This intuitive feature allows for changes to be easily identified, insights to be shared, and work together to be done efficiently. 

Cursor Presence-3

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