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AI-Ready Infrastructure

Hands-On GenAI Labs

Provide a seamless experience for students to explore the intersection of programming and AI, with a focus on real-world applications. Teach students to use innovative technology solutions while maintaining education integrity.

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Codio Platform Solutions

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GenAI-integrated Programming Labs

Ready-made toolkit for ML and AI teaching

"Since adopting Codio, we've been able to provide a flexible & powerful basis for teaching subjects involving machine-learning and AI-focused courseware."
Ted BlanchardSr. Manager, Instructional Technologies at eCornell
Advanced AI Model Training

GPU-Accelerated Instances

Enable hands-on experience with AI model training and application, from CAPTCHA-solving to custom project solutions. Codio's GPU-accelerated instances support integration with major AI platforms, fostering skill development in cutting-edge technology.

Use our GPU-accelerated instances to integrate and train your AI models and embed them into the curriculum at the individual, assignment, module, and course levels.

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Integrate Generative AI APIs

Build Code to Interact With AI

Seamlessly integrate industry-leaving APIs with Codio environments using Variables to access ChatGPT and other models. Empower students to write code that interacts with leading AI models, enhancing their coding and AI application skills.

Generative AI in Education

Real-World AI: ChatGPT & DALL-E Training

Offer courses that teach the practical use of generative AI, including OpenAI's ChatGPT and DALL-E services. Equip students with the skills to leverage AI in real-world applications responsibly.


Bring AI to life in your curriculum

See how Codio transforms course materials with AI, from auto-grading to interactive AI model integrations. Request a free demo to explore the potential of AI in education.

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