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Virtual Machines

Linux and Windows VMs in Codio

Spin up any number of Ubuntu and Windows virtual machines in just a few clicks for a truly hands-on learning experience.

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Advanced Computing Curriculum Support

Kernel Programming and File System Exploration

Unlock new dimensions in computer science education with comprehensive kernel programming and file system exploration tools. Codio provides the infrastructure necessary to dive deep into the core aspects of operating systems, enhancing students' understanding of fundamental computing principles.

High-Performance Computing for Education

Reliable and Scalable Virtual Machines

Codio enables running Windows and Ubuntu instances, streamlining the setup process. Utilize snapshots of virtual machines with all necessary tools and applications pre-installed, eliminating repetitive setup tasks and enhancing learning efficiency.

Windows Administration and Cybersecurity

Hands-On Learning Experience

Use virtual machines to integrate Windows administration learning and cybersecurity courses into your curriculum–all within Codio. Install essential tools and applications, granting the necessary permissions for a hands-on cybersecurity education. Prepare students for real-world IT administration and security challenges.

Container Technology in Education

Docker Containers and Virtual Machines

Facilitate the learning of container usage and management with Docker and Kubernetes. Codio's virtual machines allow for easy launch and interaction with Docker containers, providing students with practical experience using the most important virtualization technologies.

Efficiency Redefined

Maximize Productivity in the Classroom with Codio

"The VM technology, integrated IDE, and class monitoring tools are a killer combination. The time savings for students and faculty are huge."
Mateen RizkiChair of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Wright State University

Empowering computing education with virtualization

By leveraging Codio's virtual machine capabilities for kernel programming, cybersecurity, container technology, and more, educators can provide a high-caliber, practical computing education. Codio's infrastructure ensures students gain the skills and experience necessary to excel in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

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