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Real-World Learning Experiences

VSCode in Codio

Teach advanced coding skills by integrating professional Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) such as VSCode into your curriculum. Codio's platform allows students to engage with real-world coding environments, preparing them for professional development tasks.

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Debugging and Development Efficiency

VSCode and AI Copilots

AI-powered copilotsLeverage the power of Visual Studio Code (VSCode) directly within Codio. Activate GitHub Copilot or ChatGPT coding copilots plugins to enhance students' coding efficiency. This integration facilitates a smoother learning experience, enabling students to navigate assignments and gain practical debugging skills easily.

Advanced Coding Skills with Professional IDEs

Customized, Container-Based Development

Codio's VS Code lab offers a persistent, container-based development environment that mirrors professional settings. This setup supports global and local package installations, extension integrations, and customized workspaces with databases like MySQL and GUI management tools, including phpMyAdmin or MySQL Workbench. 


Real-World Readiness

Deliver Real-World Coding Experiences

“Codio makes it possible for students to experience exactly how they would need to work as they progress into industry.”
Greg DelozierLecturer, Kent State University

Bringing professional tools to education

Codio is dedicated to equipping educators with the means to provide a cutting-edge learning experience. By incorporating professional IDEs and debugging tools, such as VSCode, Codio prepares students for the technological demands of the future workplace.

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