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AI-Powered Learner Support

Codio Coach

Coach is an AI-powered learning assistant that fosters independent learning and unlocks student potential while ensuring academic integrity.

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AI-Assisted Learning

Empower students with AI-powered just-in-time support

Enable students to overcome learning hurdles with Codio Coach, leveraging conversational AI for personalized learning assistance. Codio Coach elevates the learning experience, accelerating student progress through targeted guidance and explanations. Students gain problem-solving skills without relying solely on immediate instructor intervention.

Codio prioritizes academic integrity. Codio Coach offers carefully calibrated support that fosters learning without providing direct answers, ensuring ethical practices and improved completion rates.

Programming Error-messages Made Easy

Actionable Feedback on Errors

Turn the challenging task of understanding obscure error messages into a valuable learning experience with Codio Coach.

Our advanced AI-driven platform converts those perplexing errors into clear, actionable, human-readable insights. This empowers students to understand what went wrong and how to effectively debug their code, turning obstacles into valuable learning moments.

Simplifying Success with AI

Revolutionizing Learning with Codio Coach

"What we love about Codio is the ease of configuration for any programming scenario and the fact that we can configure it entirely ourselves. Its integrated nature, flexibility, and the fact that all students need is a browser are fantastic."
Eitan Greenspun, PhDAssociate Professor at Columbia University
Assignment Understanding Simplified

Get Students to Coding Faster

Transform confusing tasks into clear steps with Codio Coach's ability to break down complex assignments. Live demonstrations within the platform further enhance student comprehension. Our AI breaks down complex problems into smaller, manageable steps for a more approachable learning process.

The Power of AI Under Your Control

Rich Customization Options for Educators

We understand the importance of fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Codio Coach is designed to complement your teaching style, and educators have complete control over the level of AI assistance provided.  

You can turn off AI features entirely or show students only certain hints like assignment summarization, allowing them to grapple with errors at a level that best suits their learning journey. This ensures students develop strong debugging skills while still receiving valuable support.

Deliver better learning outcomes into your curriculum

Learn how Codio enables you to optimize and enrich the learning experience. Schedule a personalized demo today. 

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