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Grading and Student Feedback Challenges for CS Instructors

Providing students with timely, constructive feedback is an increasing challenge for today's CS educators. There are many challenges around grading: inadequate GA/TA resources, providing timely feedback to students, and notably in CS, the incompatibility of a student’s development environment and the grading environment (resulting in the dreaded “but it worked on my machine!”). Codio rec...

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Low Student Engagement, Manual Grading Pose Key Challenges for CS Instructors

Even today, Computer Science Education is a relatively new and rapidly evolving field. To build a responsive product, Codio keeps up with Computing Education Research (CER) and Computer Science teaching practices by regularly reviewing research articles, news, and trends, as well as conducting our own research. Over the past several months, we surveyed dozens of Higher Ed CS instructors ...

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Trends in CS Education for the 2018-19 Academic Year

The computer science education sector is undergoing significant change and growth. The 2018-2019 academic year saw a growing institutional adoption trend of edTech platforms, as well as moves by major traditional textbook publishers to accommodate educators' needs with technology and interactive content.  Pearson CEO John Fallon recently said that “the $300 textbook is dead, we have to r...

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Codio Launches “Global Assessments Library” of Editable, Auto-Graded Assessment Questions

Codio’s Global Assessments Library is live for all users!  Our Global Assessments Library contains auto-graded assessment questions covering a wide range of topics, difficulty levels, and assessment types—and it’s available for all instructors to make use of. The library is populated with hundreds of assessments, and we’re always adding more. Currently, assessments are available in:  Jav...

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