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Gwen Britton
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"The flexibility, the power, the control, and the scale. It's so easy to scale, that's my favorite part."

How it works

1. Test drive the Codio platform with a proof of concept using samples of your course assignments and labs

2. We migrate all your course exercises, labs, and assignments into our platform to enable auto-grading

3. Our team of CS educators identifies opportunities to enrich your course materials with enhanced interactivity.


Codio unlocks...


Faster grading


Time saved on admin tasks


Higher learner grade performance


Higher student satisfaction

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Designed for hands-on learning

Codio's interactive tools are specific to computer science, maximizing student engagement, satisfaction, and performance.

Teach more efficiently and effectively

Codio excels at optimizing how you teach. Easily curate, maintain and update materials, save time accessing and grading student work. Gain new previously unseen  learning Insights giving you actionable visualizations of student and class performance.  Easily identify students who need help or need more of a challenge, and spot problems or challenge areas with course materials.

Sys Admin Free!

Codio’s containerized cloud VMs give you and your students all the flexibility of the cloud, and freedom from the constraints of physical labs.

Waste no time on setup or configuration with pre-configured stacks for just about any programming language, library or framework, including Python, Java, C/C++, Ocaml, Ruby, R, Jupyter, SQL, Bash, NodeJS, and more. With Codio, you’re able to configure the environment you need and instantly push it to your students. You can even create templates of standard environments to pull “off-the-shelf” when you need them. No more waiting days or weeks for a sys admin to prepare an environment.

Provide a consistent student experience

Whether on a desktop or laptop, a chromebook, or even a tablet, all students receive a consistently high-quality learning experience. There’s no expensive hardware requirements—all students need is a web browser and an internet connection. One Ivy school describes Codio as “the great equalizer” giving all students, irrespective of laptop age, OS or browser, a consistently high quality experience.

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