Codio's Computing Education Blog

Sep-09 2020

Codio's Remote Student Feedback Toolkit

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Aug-31 2020

Taking a Closer Look at the "Pipeline Problem"

School computer science research

Aug-21 2020

Codio's Jade Nair: Bringing Impactful CS Education to Her...

K12 computer science programming

Aug-11 2020

Better Feedback on Code with In-Line Comments

Product News

Jul-21 2020

Better Collaborative Coding with Cursor Presence

Product News computer science programming

Jul-14 2020

How to Create and Use Formative Assessments at Scale

Teaching Resources computer science autograding

Jun-24 2020

Jupyter Notebooks and Codio

Teaching Resources data science computer science

Jun-16 2020

Codio's Code Playback Tool

Teaching Resources Product News computer science programming

May-04 2020

How to Build Resilience into Your Computer Science...

Teaching Resources computer science programming

Apr-28 2020

Codio Launches Resiliency in CS Education Campaign

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