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Alex LashkovMay 15, 20244 min read

Explore What’s New at Codio: Essential Updates for the Fall Semester

Summer is the perfect season for educators to take a breath and familiarize themselves with the latest developments at Codio!

As we strive continuously to enhance our platform and offerings, we recognize the challenges educators face in keeping pace with these changes amid their busy schedules.

To help streamline this process, we’ve compiled a list of significant updates and new features that you might consider integrating into your fall curriculum to enhance your teaching experience and boost student outcomes.

Introducing Coach: An AI-Driven Learning Assistant That Ensures Instructor Control

This year, we launched Codio Coach, our new AI-powered learning assistant designed to transform the learning experience in computing education. Codio Coach is not just another tool; it's a revolutionary approach to fostering independent learning and critical thinking among students.

Key Features of Codio Coach:

  • Hint Bot: Provides just-in-time AI-assisted support tailored to individual student needs, helping overcome learning barriers with personalized guidance.
  • Error Explanation: Transforms cryptic error messages into clear, actionable feedback, making debugging a constructive learning opportunity.
  • Assignment Summarization: Converts complex assignments into clear, manageable steps, simplifying the learning process.


Codio Coach is designed to uphold the highest standards of academic integrity, ensuring that while it guides, it never solves problems for students. This balanced approach is crucial for maintaining ethical learning practices and contributes significantly to higher course completion rates.

Behavior Insights: Enhancing Understanding of Student Learning Processes

Our Behavior Insights tool is part of our ongoing commitment to not only improve learning outcomes but also to provide educators with a deeper understanding of student engagement and learning behaviors. This tool offers:

  • Insights into time spent coding vs. debugging.
  • Analysis of keystroke data to predict student performance.
  • Advanced code playback features to visualize students' coding processes.

Learning data insights-1


These insights allow educators to tailor their instructional strategies more effectively and intervene proactively to support students who may be struggling.

Regrade Requests: An Essential New Feature

We are excited to introduce the Regrade Request feature, designed to enhance the grading and feedback process for students and instructors. 

If students are not satisfied with their grades, they can now request a regrade. This long-requested feature allows students to submit a message explaining why they believe a regrade is necessary. Instructors can then review and respond to these requests, ensuring a transparent and fair grading process.


Regrade request option will be available only after the assignment is completed/graded and grades are released for the assignment. 

Customize Your Curriculum with Codio's Course Customizer

Codio's Course Customizer, accessible via the Codio Courseware Catalog, offers unmatched flexibility in curriculum design. Here’s how you can personalize your courses:

  • Select and Rearrange: Choose and order modules with simple checkboxes and drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Add and Adjust Content: Click ‘+’ to incorporate new assignments and modules and easily rename, reorder, or remove units to suit your syllabus.
  • Author New Materials: Employ Codio's powerful tools to craft tailored educational content, ensuring your course aligns with specific learning objectives and student needs.

course customizer

This feature empowers educators to seamlessly adapt and enhance their courses, making them perfect for every classroom setting.

Latest Research Insights and Educational Webinars

At Codio, we are dedicated to enhancing the educational landscape by consistently analyzing and responding to the evolving tech environment. Here are the latest insights from our research and upcoming educational opportunities.

GenAI in Computing Education

The rapid adoption of OpenAI's ChatGPT has sparked significant interest and concern within higher education, particularly around academic integrity and plagiarism. In response, Codio has conducted a comprehensive study involving 371 U.S. college students to understand how they use generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) tools in their computing courses.

Our findings reveal:

  • 76% of students are engaging with GenAI tools, with ChatGPT and Google Bard as the most popular.
  • GenAI tools are primarily used for understanding programming prompts and error messages, aligning with academic integrity guidelines.

For a deeper dive into our research, download the full report.

Educational Webinars

Enhance your understanding and application of the latest educational technologies by joining our webinars:

Unlock the Full Potential of AI in Computing Education with Codio Coach

Learn how Codio’s AI-powered tools, like Codio Coach, can help overcome common learning barriers, making coding education more accessible and effective.

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SIGCSE 2024 Panel Discussion: Challenges and Opportunities in CS Education

Join experts as they discuss the current challenges and future opportunities in computer science education, highlighting the role of innovative tools in addressing these issues.

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Demystifying the Advanced Code Test: Moving Beyond Input/Output Testing

Explore advanced strategies for code testing that go beyond traditional methods, ensuring a more thorough and effective evaluation of student coding skills.

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Upcoming Courseware and Content Updates

Looking ahead to the fall, we're excited to announce new courseware in Data Structures and Algorithms for Java and C++. These new offerings will ensure that our educators have access to the latest comprehensive content that is also aligned with current industry standards.

Stay Informed with Codio’s Release Notes

To help our users stay informed of all changes, including minor updates and bug fixes, we’ve introduced a dedicated Release Notes section on our community forum. This resource is an excellent way for educators to keep track of enhancements in real time.

Next Steps

As we gear up for another exciting academic year, we invite all educators to explore these new features and updates. By integrating Codio’s enhanced tools and resources into your curriculum, you can not only streamline your teaching processes but also significantly improve your students' learning experiences.

Get ready to transform your computing education offerings this fall with Codio!

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Alex Lashkov

Alex is Product Marketing Lead at Codio.