Better Collaborative Coding with Cursor Presence

12:00 AM on July 21, 2020 | Product News computer science programming

In Codio, you have been able to collaborate inside projects and instantly access student work for a while—but we are working to make collaborative coding even better!

Now, you can see:

  • When another user joins the project or assignment you are in
  • Where other users are inside code files to see where they are working
  • Where they are selecting—so you can literally highlight issues for other users

Just like before, all updates are instantaneous to all users—so no worries about working off an old commit. In a large or multi-file project? No worries! Never lose your buddy by simply clicking on their icon in the top right corner—and Codio will take you to them.

Most of these controls will be familiar to Google Doc users—except Codio is a fully-featured IDE so collaborators can also compile, run and debug their code! Additionally, each user gets to work with whatever flavor of the Codio IDE they are used to - panel arrangement and code editor theme are set by the individual user even when working in the same project or assignment.

The user on left working on code in full-screen mode with large font, while the user on right tests code in the with file tree showing all project files

Cursor Presence pairs well with our recently released Code Playback feature

For teachers, if you want to see which students made each contribution, you can use Codio’s Code Playback feature which shows the timestamp and author of each edit. Watching students collaboratively build code with Code Playback will also reveal if students are actively collaborating—or simply dividing and conquering, so you can give feedback on the process of collaboration instead of just the product.

For students, if someone accidentally overwrites or deletes code, you can use Code Playback to look at previous versions of code files and quickly copy-paste pieces to save them from the trash can.

Future Updates

As we hear of more users going online, we are attempting to make remote instruction as effortless as possible. Cursor presence is our most recent step in easing remote code collaboration.

Keep an eye out for:

  • In-line code commenting to allow conversations next to the relevant code
  • Streamlined workflows for pair/group assignments so students do not need to manually add collaborators through Permissions and teachers don’t need to duplicate grades

If you have a feature request, please use our in-product Feedback tool to let us know!


Joshua Ball

Joshua is Codio's Vice President of Marketing.