Think C: How to Think like a Computer Scientist

Allen Downey's How to Think Like a Computer Scientist text ported to C by Thomas Scheffler

Think C: How to Think like a Computer Scientist


  1. The way of the program
  2. Variables and Types
  3. Function
  4. Conditionals and Recursion
  5. Fruitful Functions
  6. Iteration
  7. Arrays
  8. Strings and Things
  9. Structures


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Book Description

This hands-on guide takes you through the language a step at a time, beginning with basic programming concepts before moving on to functions, recursion, and data structures.

Through exercises in each chapter, you’ll try out programming concepts as you learn them. Think C is ideal for students at the high school or college level, as well as self-learners, home-schooled students, and professionals who need to learn programming basics

  • Start with the basics, including language syntax and semantics
  • Get a clear definition of each programming concept
  • Learn about values, variables, statements, functions, and data structures in a logical progression

Learn by Doing Approach

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Take a quick peek inside...

  • Allen Downey's renowned text
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  • Run code with the push of a button

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