Prevent Cheating & Plagiarism in Computing Courses at Scale with "Evergreen" Assessments

With Randomized and Parameterized Assessments, you can create and deploy individualized, auto-graded questions and code tests at scale.

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Go Beyond Detection—Prevent Cheating & Plagiarism in CS Courses

Create a large number of unique programming assessments for a large course in minutes, and then assign them to students at random to individualize each student's assignments for a truly "Evergreen" curriculum.

In just a few clicks, you can create and assign different assessments to each student. By giving each student unique programming assessments, you can prevent plagiarism or cheating altogether while saving countless hours reconfiguring course materials each semester. 

Time Savings for All

Mateen Rizki
Chair of the Department of Computer Science & Engineering at Wright State University

The VM technology, integrated IDE and class monitoring tools are a killer combination. The time savings for students and faculty are huge.

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Problems With Plagiarism Detection Software

Plagiarism checkers alone won't cut it. If one student finds a solution online, other students will also, which will flag a similarity between the two assignments.

Plagiarism detection tools, like source code comparison software, come up short in that the source code is compared only within the provided set of code submissions, meaning previous semester submissions or even similar problems at other universities whose solutions are posted on the internet aren't taken into account. 

Individualize Coursework With Parameterized Coding Assessments

Parameterized assessments or questions have randomly generated variables within the question template. This allows a large number of unique questions to be generated from a single-question template, giving each student individualized, auto-graded assessments with instant feedback.

Randomize Assessments from a Question Bank

Assign auto-graded assessments of all types—including coding assignments—to students at random. You can use parameterized assessments to create a large volume of questions (or you can manually create questions) and save them to an assessment library in Codio. Then, you can randomize assessments assigned to students in just a few clicks.

Benefits of an Evergreen Curriculum

Beyond preventing cheating and plagiarism in programming courses, random and parameterized assessments let you create "evergreen curricula," meaning you can reconfigure course materials at the beginning of each semester in just clicks, instead of spending hours (or days) updating assignments and reconfiguring auto-graders.

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