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Auto-Graded Assessments and other C-Books Features for CS Students and Instructors

C-Books gives you unparalleled access to interactive and enhanced OER textbooks—with all the flexibility and control of the Codio platform.


C-Books Features for Students

C-Books seamlessly integrates book text and pictures with beautiful inline code snippets and code examples within the IDE that you can both edit and run. When students need support, they have access to our code visualizer, as well as our IDE's built-in debugger.

Better Feedback for Students

Codio is built for computer science, so it makes coding practice as accessible as possible, with both parson's problems (below) and coding assignments—in addition to the traditional auto-graded formative feedback modes of multiple choice fill in the blank and short answer—giving students feedback at the click of a button.


Above: An example parson's problem on the Codio platform

C-Books Features for Instructors and Teachers

C-Books content can be manually added to your courses—or you can quickly add pieces from our recommended courses directly into your class. This makes mixing and matching materials from a variety of resources as simple as a few clicks. In addition, all of the content and assessments in Codio are editable, so you can customize it for your context.

Save Time with Auto-Graded Assessments

C-Books includes all the powerful features of the Codio platform, including auto-graded assessments, a plagiarism checker, learning insights by both unit and student, along with a library of pre-configured stacks enabling you to easily create and share supplementary programming projects or assignments with your students.

Learn more about C-Books here. Or you can download the C-Books info-sheet.

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Elise Deitrick & Joshua Ball

Elise is Codio's Director of Curricula and Education Programs. She has a BS in Computer Science and a PhD in STEM Education.

Joshua is Codio's Director of Marketing. He has a MA in International Relations.

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