10 Reasons to Switch to Codio

12:00 AM on April 15, 2020 | computer science programming autograding

1. Higher student satisfaction and engagement

Students using Codio are more engaged and exhibit higher levels of satisfaction. Instructors using Codio have reported an average increase in student satisfaction of over 10%.

2. Outstanding customer support

Codio provides top-notch customer support and training. Save thousands of dollars in training fees—we train faculty for free. We offer one-on-one and group training to faculty, IT personnel, and leadership, all free-of-charge.

3. Better average grade performance

Student grade performance increases by over 15% when they use Codio. An ACM research paper found that “the use of Codio has coincided with a steady increase in student performance and satisfaction.” Advanced learning analytics give you unparalleled, real-time insight into student behavior.


4. Built to scale

Codio is massively scalable. You can run Codio in a class, a school, a university, a huge MOOC, a district, or an entire state. No matter your size or requirements, Codio’s infrastructure scales to support your needs.

5. Easy to adopt and use

Start delivering courses within days of getting started! Codio is easy for faculty to adopt without disruption to existing teaching practices. You’ll see immediate benefits in reduced setup and admin time, more natural faculty-student interaction, and richer insight into student performance. Getting started is simple, too—you can set up instructor and student groups in seconds and integrate with your LMS in a flash.

6. Author exceptional curricular resources

Create anything from simple assignments and assessments to fully-fledged books with built-in assessment libraries. Alternatively, you can mix-and-match your own resources with those from Codio’s ready-made library of curricular resources to make them your own.

7. Spend more time teaching and mentoring 

Departments using Codio for their CS course delivery can slash time spent on mundane administrative and IT tasks by 20% or more. Spend more time mentoring and coaching your students and get your Sundays back!

8. Slash manual grading time with editable, customizable resources, and auto-graded assessments 

Codio’s auto-grading capabilities allow you to grade your students’ work up to 75% faster and automate up to 90% of grading. Compile, run, and debug your students’ code without having to unzip it or paste it into your environment.

9. See previously inaccessible insights about student performance and progress

From overall class performance to individual student cognitive load estimates, Codio’s Learning Insights brings together all the relevant pieces of information on one screen, identifying students who need help or need more of a challenge.

10. Pedagogically agnostic

It’s your program and your pedagogy. Codio gets out of the way and lets you teach the way you want. Import or adapt existing materials or create entirely new resources. It’s entirely up to you.

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