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2019 Survey of CS Teaching

Challenges and Resources in U.S. Colleges and Universities

codio 2019 survey report
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We wanted to understand the primary course administration, curriculum, and grading challenges that educators face.

Respondents taught classes ranging in size from 7 to 2,000 students, with 16.7% of rosters reaching into the triple digits. What we found was intriguing—though not necessarily surprising.

Educators reported being concerned about low student engagement, increasing student-to-teacher ratios, the time burden of manual grading, and a lack of appropriate classroom space. According to our findings:

• 72% of respondents ranked manual grading as their greatest grading/feedback challenge

• Teachers with larger classes were more concerned about pedagogical challenges like low student engagement—whereas teachers of smaller classes struggled with technology-related challenges

• The majority of respondents were primarily concerned with increasing student-to-teacher ratios, followed by inappropriate classroom or lab space.

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