Macomb Community College Boosts Student Performance in Intro to Programming & Logic with Codio

Auto-grading and instant feedback delivers a more engaging learning experience

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Elizabeth Jenaway

Professor in the Business and IT Department at Macomb Community College

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Courses Taught Using Codio

  1. Introduction to Programming and Logic

How Codio is Used at Macomb Community College

Professor Jenaway adopted Codio to deliver a more seamless learning experience for the students of her ITCS 140: Introduction to Programming and Logic course. This case study will detail how she used tools like auto-grading, curriculum authoring, and more to engage students in new ways and drive better performance.

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Finding a Solution for Administrative Roadblocks

Key Factors
  1. Keeping up with grading small problems
  2. Finding relevant course texts and resources


We discovered that repetition and the completion of small problems really helps students grasp the important concepts of programming. Grading all of these presents some challenges. Additionally, I struggled with finding relevant textbooks. Many wanted to include math skills that were far beyond what a majority of our students could understand.

The Codio Difference

Key Benefits
  1. Content authoring empowers educators to bring their own content and materials into Codio's interactive platform
  2. Student performance improves with increased engagement within Codio

The customization. I had used another similar platform but it didn't offer me the flexibility to write my own content. I really like writing my own content.

We noticed that the more time a student spends working in Codio, the better they perform on the exams.

Codio's support team is very good. They have always been prompt and very helpful.

Automated Feedback & Grading Improved Student & Instructor Experiences

Having the ability to have these smaller programs auto-graded allows students instant feedback so that they can focus on correcting their mistakes. Having the ability to write my own content allowed me to not include so much math but still be able to explain a particular programming concept. The connection to Canvas is also very important.

Future Use of Codio at Macomb

Betsy Jenaway-2
Elizabeth Jenaway
Macomb Community College

I plan on revising more of my content for ITCS 1140 and start working on new content for ITCS 1170 Database Design and Implementation using SQL. I'm excited about using Codio for my database class.”


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