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Case Study with David Croft, Lecturer at Coventry University


"The ability to just take pre-configured software packages and throw them out to several hundred students has been insanely convenient. I can completely bypass the software installation process." - David Croft, Lecturer, Coventry University 


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We recently sat down with David Croft, Lecturer at Coventry University and a Codio customer. We wanted to understand how David uses Codio to teach a flipped-learning style in the classroom, otherwise known as activity-based learning.

Here are some brief excerpts from the interview:

“One of the key benefits of Codio is that it is a computer. It can do all the things that a normal Linux box can do. It has all the wonderful education features like Moodle integration, plagiarism detection in there. But the main benefit for me is that everyone is on the same platform. The instructions are written once and I know they are going to work.

Having the instant formative feedback is really useful. And that’s where Codio comes in handy. They click check it in Codio and it goes and tests that their code meets the specifications. It sorts correctly, it searches correctly. It has the error handling and features that we are expecting. It doesn’t have memory leaks.

The possibility of saving myself time through built-in educational features is one of the main things I like about Codio. My labs have been running smoother. I have had fewer software issues. I think the advantages are really going to just snowball. And I think that people should be looking at systems like this to streamline and improve their modules."


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Phillip Snalune

CEO & Co-founder. Phillip is concerned with Codio creating a teaching and learning experience that users will find indispensable such that user advocacy drives exponential growth for the company, and in doing so, sees Codio make a measurable positive impact on teacher and learner outcomes from computer science education globally.

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