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CodioSeptember 1, 20201 min read

Support for Parse Integration and Deployment

Codio is delighted to announce support for With our Parse coding tools, developers can now write code in the world's best Web IDE and deploy it directly to

Javascript/Parse Cloud Code developers will find that they can code and deploy a Parse app incredibly quickly with nothing but a browser, making Codio the best Parse integration tool available.

Application Structure

The application structure in Codio is the same as if you were coding on your local machine. You will also see the global.json file, which is where your application and master keys are specified. Deployment Profile

We've added a Parse deployment profile into Codio. This lets Codio take care of the entire deployment process onto Deployment is extremely fast as it's a Cloud -> Cloud operation, with only diffs being transferred.

Example Apps

Below are two sample apps, both of which are standard Parse SDK. Tutorials. You can load them directly into the Codio IDE.

Feel free to fork them in Codio (Project > Fork). You can then follow the instructions in the files.

To-Do App

Click the button below to load this front-end app into Codio.


AnyImg App

Click the button below to load this Parse Cloud Code back-end app into Codio.

You can read more about deployment in our documentation.

Creating a App

We have set up a Parse coding template. When you go to create a new project from the Codio Dashboard, select "From a Template" from the Create Project option dropdown. You'll find a "Parse Anyimg" template waiting for you.

Open the file and follow the instructions to get it running in 5 minutes.

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