Virtual Machine-based Features on Codio

Live Webinar on Thursday, July 15th at 12 PM ET | 9 AM PT
Presented by: Max Kraev, Chief Technology Officer & Lead Software Engineer

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Session Description 

This session will walk you through the technological architecture of Codio starting from virtualization which helps explain our stack feature, accessing projects and assignments via URLs, and running custom web servers. The presenter will then cover some of the features where we leverage our architecture and other integrations to create specialty features such as sequestered code auto-grading and Github Actions to automate updating assignments.

This instructional webinar will feature and demonstrate:

  • Overview of Codio’s underlying architecture
  • Software templating with Stacks
  • Network addressing and running servers in assignments
  • Isolated code auto-grading
  • Github Actions for automation


Maxim Kraev

Max Kraev

Max is lead developer and architect. He always has a point of view and can always find a workable solution. Max studied information security and cryptography and ensures Codio is a safe place for your code.


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