Moving Beyond Detecting Cheating: Creating "Evergreen" Course Materials with Randomized & Parameterized Assessments

Learn more about using parameterized assessments for an "evergreen" curriculum—check out our webinar, 'Faster "Evergreen" Curriculum Authoring with Templated Parameterized Assessments.'

Session Description 

Codio allows users to author and assign random or unique assessments using our randomized and parameterized assessment tools.
 After the webinar, you can expect to know how to:
  • Summarize research around randomized assessments
  • Create an assessment that pulls randomly from a test bank
  • Author a parameterized assessments with randomized variables
  • Setup a randomized assessment that pulls from a bank of parameterized assessments for maximum randomization


harrison_elise_headshot - Elise Deitrick

Elise Deitrick, PhD

Elise is Codio's VP of Product & Partnerships. She believes in making quality educational experiences available to everyone. With a BS in Computer Science and a PhD in STEM Education, she has spent the last several years teaching robotics, computer science and engineering. Elise now uses that experience and expertise to shape Codio's product and content.