How to use Auto-grading and Feedback Tools to Boost Student Engagement in CS

On-demand webinar presented by Sharon Jason, Customer Success Manager


Session Description 

In a survey of 80+ computer science educators, manual-grading was reported to be the biggest challenge among educators from institutions large and small. Introducing auto-grading into the classroom not only boosts student engagement but allows instructors to save up to 20% of the time typically spent on manual grading. Codio offers rich auto-grading support for both formative assessments and code tests. In this learning session, our presenter will share best practices for auto-grading code and providing instant feedback in Codio.

Learning Objectives

After this session you can expect to know how to:

  • Create a wide variety of code auto-graders including Parsons Problems, script-less Input/Output tests, and more

  • Build custom advanced code tests to check if students are using appropriate concepts

  • Utilize 3rd party testing and support libraries to analyze any aspects of student code including style and unit tests

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Sharon Jason

As Codio's Customer Success Manager, Sharon works with CS educators from universities and colleges across the U.S. to ensure that instructors and students alike have an engaging experience when using the Codio platform.


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