Easily Adopt Research-Based Teaching Practices at Scale

Presented by: Patrick Ester, Director of Content

Session Description 

Enjoying learning about research-based pedagogy but wondering how to implement it in your computing classroom? Codio helps you adopt evidence-based tools and approaches like:

  1. Editable, interactive, minimal text content
  2. A wide range of assessment tools that offer instant, elaborated feedback
  3. Code visualization
  4. Parsons problems
  5. Paired or mob programming
Codio simultaneously addresses many logistical concerns such as:
  1. Accessibility
  2. Cloud-based, instructor or pre-configured containers
  3. LMS integration
  4. In-line code comments and rubrics for manual feedback
  5. Code playback to understand students’ programming process
  6. Automated email nudging for students
  7. Instructor-facing data visualizations to help identify struggling students


Patrick Ester

Anh Le

Patrick is a Senior Computer Science Content Developer at Codio. He has spent the last eight years teaching computers and programming to students in K-12 schools. Patrick is an alumnus of the Gray Area Foundation for the Arts and later taught an introduction to physical computing course at Gray Area. He recently taught an introduction to scripting course at Southern New Hampshire University. The course was taught asynchronously online using Codio as the coding environment.


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