Integrity by Design: Effective Tools for Detecting and Preventing Cheating in Computing Education

Embrace Low-Stakes Learning and Foster an Environment of Trust and Mastery






Webinar Description 

We'll discuss the motivations behind student cheating and outline how educators can transition from a policing stance to a more preventative, student-centered approach through improved scaffolding and feedback during the learning process.
During this webinar, instructors will learn:
  • The underlying causes of cheating based on research and the most effective ways to address them
  • Codio's comprehensive exam solutions, ranging from post-hoc detection to preventative measures such as proctoring
  • How to utilize Codio's robust instructional toolset to help students feel prepared and confident for assessments

Presented By:

harrison_elise_headshot - Elise Deitrick

 Elise Deitrick, PhD

Elise is Codio's VP of Product & Partnerships. She believes in making quality educational experiences available to everyone. With a BS in Computer Science and a PhD in STEM Education, she has spent the last several years teaching robotics, computer science, and engineering. Elise now uses that experience and expertise to shape Codio's product and content.