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Every student deserves the skills needed for our digital economy

Codio’s platform lets you shape your own vision for campus-wide digital skills programs with minimal disruption to faculty
and maximum benefit for student employability


Easy to Adopt

Easy to Adopt

Codio is easy for faculty to adopt without disruption to existing teaching practices. The benefits are immediate in reduced setup and admin time, easier faculty-student interaction and richer insight into student performance. Getting started is simple too - you can set up instructor and student groups in seconds and integrate with your LMS in a blink.

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Curriculum Agnostic

It’s your program and your pedagogy. Codio gets out of the way and lets you teach the way you want. You can import existing materials, or create and adapt curricula with our state-of-the-art “Guides” authoring and assessment tools that save faculty and TAs hours of time and enhance the student learning experience.



Robust Learning Platform

When adopting platform technology to support new programs - you need the reassurance of a partner that has a proven ability to support students and faculty at scale. From tens of thousands of students on edX to multi-institution higher education campus programs, Codio’s massively scalable cloud infrastructure is built for volume.



A Platform Students will Actually Use

Students often feel intimidated by technology that was not designed to support computer science. This is doubly true for novice students. Codio is different because our design is driven by faculty and students. It is approachable, rich in feedback, and better for student engagement.



Funding Magnet

Often new STEM and CS programs are a catalyst for institutional innovation, student employability and the attraction of new funds to stimulate and capture enrolment growth. Codio can strengthen the case for program funds and show you how to maximize your impact.


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"This semester is the first year we decided to teach a computer programming course to non-Majors. And I immediately wanted it to be Codio. The students are already intimidated by computers and programming. So, I needed an environment that was friendly, accessible and something they can easily grasp."

- Dr. Clement Alle, Associate Professor

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