Engineering Software as a Service

Armando Fox and David Patterson's popular textbook and courseware seamlessly integrated for students and zero setup for instructors

Engineering Software as a Service


  1. Intro to SaaS and Agile
  2. How to Learn a New Language: Ruby
  3. Microservices, APIs, and REST
  4. Rails as MVC
  5. Advanced Programming Abstraction (Advanced Rails)
  6. SaaS Clients
  7. Behavior-Driven Design and User Stories
  8. Test-Driven Development
  9. Software (Legacy Code and   Writing Code)
  10. Project Management (SCRUM, Pair programming, and Version Control)
  11. Design Patterns
  12. Dev/Ops


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Always Up-to-date

Codio uses the most up-to-date version of ESaaS materials - meaning every content update, auto-grader patch and hands-on activity added will appear in Codio in a matter of days after a QA pass. 

Book Description

"A one-semester college course in software engineering focusing on cloud computing, software as a service (SaaS), and Agile development using Extreme Programming (XP). This book is neither a step-by-step tutorial nor a reference book. Instead, our goal is to bring a diverse set of software engineering topics together into a single narrative, help readers understand the most important ideas through concrete examples and a learn-by-doing approach, and teach readers enough about each topic to get them started in the field. ... See for details." — Amazon

Learn by Doing Approach

Agile+SaaS+Cloud has not only revolutionized software, but also made it easier and more effective to teach.  Students learn directly by doing, using the same world-class tools that professionals use that also allow you to better evaluate their work. 

Auto-graded CHIPS and ungraded projects are interwoven throughout the book content for students to get plenty of practice.

Auto-Graded Assessments

Each auto-graded CHIPS provide feedback to both the student and teacher about students mastery of the material.

Codio collects analytics on each of these assignments such as correctness, number of submission attempts, and amount of time spent allowing teachers of large classes to visualize their students performance.

Codio Eases Implementation

Aside from CHIPs and other hands-on projects, Codio integrates the screencasts so they are seamlessly embedded right where students need them. Codio allows students to easily spin up various coding environments to try out the in-text examples .

"I’ve been working closely with Codio for over a year to make sure the integration between the book and CHIPS is as seamless as possible, and while I have no formal connection with Codio, I think they are really on to something with the platform and its integrated e-textbooks and autograding capabilities. I’d give it a serious look as a very smooth way to teach this material that solves a number of logistical problems we’re all familiar with."

 Armando Fox

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