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Auto-Grading with Codio

Spend more time teaching, less time grading.


Spend 20% more time teaching and 20% less time administering using our full set of grading tools

Built for professional developers, the Codio infrastructure is like no other.

Codio offers an extremely rich variety of manual and auto grading support. All grading methods are fed back to the teacher dashboards. We also support gradebook passback to LMS platforms such as Canvas, Blackboard or Moodle.

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David Croft Coventry University

Instant Formative Feedback

"Having the instant formative feedback is really useful. And that’s where Codio comes in handy. They click ‘check it’ in Codio and it goes and tests that their code meets the specifications. It sorts correctly, it searches correctly. It has the error handling and features that we are expecting. It doesn’t have memory leaks."

David Croft Lecturer at Coventry University

Kent State
Coded By Kids
Wright State
John Carroll

Auto-Grading Code

We offer two forms of automated code grading. Our standard grading is dialog driven and usually covers at least 80% of use cases. It covers argument and stdin inputs and handles multiple test cases for full code coverage. Advanced grading lets you write your own grading scripts in any language you choose. This allows you to use any 3rd party testing or support libraries and analyze any aspects of student code.


A snapshot of Codio's in-platform auto-grading tool

Other Auto-Graded Assessments

You can create a variety of single and multiple response MCQ (multiple response questions) assessments. We also offer fill-in-the-blank questions.


Other Auto-Graded Assessments

Manual Grading

Codio packs a lot of features that let you manually grade student assignments with great efficiency. You can instantly access any student's code and review, compile and execute it. Grading rubrics can be centrally defined and applied to any project. Grading moderation allows already graded assignments to be reviewed by additional faculty and these secondary grades to be used for grading quality monitoring.


Manual Grading
Open Ended

Open Ended Questions

If you want to create questions that require a text or essay type answer, free text questions can be created. You can then manually grade these directly from the teacher dashboard.


Open Ended Questions

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