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Jupyter Notebooks and Codio

Codio prides itself on being pedagogically agnostic and flexible enough to meet the needs of any instructor. Jupyter Notebooks are no exception. Instructors who make Jupyter Notebooks a cornerstone of their teaching can combine them with the power and efficiency of Codio. Code source:  What are Jupyter Notebooks? Jupyter Notebooks are interactive ...

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Codio's Code Playback Tool

In Computer Science Education, we know that the process is as important as the product. However, when code is submitted, it only provides insight into the latter. Codio’s Code Playback feature enables teachers to get a glimpse into their students’ thought processes by taking snapshots of their code creation from beginning to end. Codio’s Code Playback feature allows teachers to: See stud...

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How to Build Resilience into Your Computer Science Curriculum

Over the past few weeks, the media has been consistently reporting that colleges are moving to “online,” “remote,” or “distance learning.” This is misleading, however. Most teachers have been forced by circumstance to operate in Emergency Remote Teaching mode—or “Pandemic Pedagogy,” as some have taken to calling it.  “Emergency Remote Teaching” and “Online Learning” are two very differen...

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Codio Launches Resiliency in CS Education Campaign

We’re launching our Resiliency in CS Education Campaign to help CS educators develop effective and engaging courses that can be delivered in both traditional and remote learning contexts.  Codio is committed to helping members of the CS education community deliver the best possible learning experience to their students, as well as providing resources and tools to help teachers excel in b...

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