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As the industry moves away from textbooks, we need content that takes full advantage of their digital nature. Codio is producing new Computer Science content optimized for our platform, leveraging our ability to present functional code and content side-by-side for hands-on learning, while automatically assessing student performance, providing rich, instant feedback to learners, and stude...

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Advanced Student Learning Insights in Codio

Actionable insights based on student learning data Data is arguably the world’s most valuable commodity. However, the challenge with data is that there’s tons of it, and raw, unorganized data is difficult to analyze. Previous research has shown that visualizations are a powerful tool in conveying the story behind the data. Visualizations help most people to identify patterns, gather insi...

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Codio releases curriculum fully mapped to the CSTA Standards and K12 CS Framework

Joint Press Release by Codio and Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA)  London, UK and Albany, New York  Codio releases a full set of teaching resources mapped to the 2016 Interim CSTA Standards and K12 CS Framework. The new curriculum is integrated into the Codio resource platform designed for computer science education. The project was lead by Daniel Moix, a standing member of t...

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Build a Music Player - New Project for Middle School

Making websites is fun, well at least I think so. When I was a teacher, I made sure to include a web development topic with my students ages 12-14, so that students had the opportunity to learn HTML and CSS.  How to teach students ages 12 - 14  In recent years, I introduced a new topic that built upon skills students had already learned and also introduced Javascript. The challenge was t...

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