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Taking a Closer Look at the "Pipeline Problem"

It’s no secret that tech has a diversity problem. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, men accounted for 74% of computing professionals in 2019. Merely 9% of computing professionals were Black (compared to 13% of the population), and only 8% were Latino (compared to 19% of the population). [1, 2] To complicate this picture further, these numbers do not take into account the ...

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How Has Computer Science Teaching Changed Recently?

Codio's Director of Curricula discusses the findings from our 2019 Survey of Computer Science Teaching   Elise Deitrick, PhD, Codio's Director of Curricula and Education Programs, shares some of the key findings from our 2019 Survey of Computer Science Teaching. Key Takeaways 72% of teachers were primarily concerned about manual grading. 88% said they want technology with assessment reso...

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Infographic: Solving Teaching Challenges in CS Education

Teachers are feeling the increasing student-to-teacher ratio reported in the news. According to research we published last year, the pressures of increasing student-to-teacher ratios are felt most acutely in the increased grading burden, particularly in contexts without TA support. Similarly, teachers are feeling the strain of technology setup for small classes and pedagogically in large...

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Most CS Educators Want Auto-Graded, Editable Curricular Resources

When we looked at educators' grading and feedback, course admin, and curriculum pain points, we noticed consistent differences in resources for those teaching at scale versus instructing smaller classes. This leads to those in smaller courses having other concerns over manual grading, struggling with technological challenges in the curriculum instead of pedagogy, and feeling disproportio...

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