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Grading and Student Feedback Challenges for CS Instructors

Providing students with timely, constructive feedback is an increasing challenge for today's CS educators. There are many challenges around grading: inadequate GA/TA resources, providing timely feedback to students, and notably in CS, the incompatibility of a student’s development environment and the grading environment (resulting in the dreaded “but it worked on my machine!”). Codio rec...

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Computer Science Teaching Resources Powered By Codio

As the industry moves away from textbooks, we need content that takes full advantage of their digital nature. Codio is producing new Computer Science content optimized for our platform, leveraging our ability to present functional code and content side-by-side for hands-on learning, while automatically assessing student performance, providing rich, instant feedback to learners, and stude...

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Low Student Engagement, Manual Grading Pose Key Challenges for CS Instructors

Even today, Computer Science Education is a relatively new and rapidly evolving field. To build a responsive product, Codio keeps up with Computing Education Research (CER) and Computer Science teaching practices by regularly reviewing research articles, news, and trends, as well as conducting our own research. Over the past several months, we surveyed dozens of Higher Ed CS instructors ...

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