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Most CS Educators Want Auto-Graded, Editable Curricular Resources

When we looked at educators' grading and feedback, course admin, and curriculum pain points, we noticed consistent differences in resources for those teaching at scale versus instructing smaller classes. This leads to those in smaller courses having other concerns over manual grading, struggling with technological challenges in the curriculum instead of pedagogy, and feeling disproportio...

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Curriculum Challenges for Educators in Larger vs. Smaller Classes

Two key pain points for educators today—low student engagement and satisfaction—are related to curriculum challenges. These challenges include not only low engagement but also high attrition, acting as technical support and configuring machines. When asked to rank these pain points, 27% of respondents to Codio's 2019 Survey of Computer Science Teaching indicated that low student engageme...

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Rising Student-to-Teacher Ratios a Top Concern for Educators

76% of respondents to our 2019 Survey of Computer Science Education said they were interested in "time savings" from technology—a trend probably fueled by course administration challenges. Respondents were asked to tank increasing student-to-teacher ratios, mandatory LMS usage (Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle), and inappropriate classroom/lab space. 56% ranked increasing student-to-teacher ra...

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Grading and Student Feedback Challenges for CS Instructors

Providing students with timely, constructive feedback is an increasing challenge for today's CS educators. There are many challenges around grading: inadequate GA/TA resources, providing timely feedback to students, and notably in CS, the incompatibility of a student’s development environment and the grading environment (resulting in the dreaded “but it worked on my machine!”). Codio rec...

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